weird situation - advice needed

Hi all, I'm an international student studying in the US, graduating in December this year. Landed a summer analyst offer with a medium-sized endowment, but realized it's not exactly what I want to do for FT. They have also said that even though the internship can be converted into FT, they won't be able to sponsor an H1B. I don't have STEM OPT extension either. This means I pretty much have to re-recruit for FT when the time comes if I want a chance to work in the US for the next 3-5 years.

I have also recruited much later for 2021 summer and off-cycle IB/PE positions across London/HK and made it to the final stages, but I haven't heard back about decisions. Given all this, I don't want to get my hopes up on those opportunities given how fast the summer is approaching.

I understand that my chances are low in the US given the difficulties around the visa issue. My options are as follows:

1) Re-recruit in the US.

Pros: Currently in the US, so it is easy for me to network. Will also be in NYC for the summer/fall if the London/HK roles don't work out.

Cons: Visa sponsorship struggles.

2) Re-recruit FT in London/HK

Pros: No visa sponsorship needed in either of those places.

Cons: I don't have that many contacts and I heard headcount are lower in those places (?), not a native Mandarin speaker for HK

3) Master's degree in the UK

Pros: Another shot at recruiting for SA.

Cons: Expensive (!!), no guarantee of a successful outcome, lower headcount (?)

4) Green card marriage (lmao)

Pros: No more visa struggles

Cons: Marriage is a big decision (!!!), I can already barely get a guy to text me back so the chance of success is 1%<

Appreciate any advice from fellow US/UK monkeys out there!

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  • Intern in IB - Gen
May 2, 2021 - 7:30pm

Thanks for the insight. Are you referring to full-time roles beginning in Jan or June 2022? I've also been networking with some people there but haven't gotten any clear information on the full time recruiting process.

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