What are my chances of getting into IB

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Hello all,

My situatuion is unique. In December of 2015 I will be graduating from the University at Buffalo with a BS in finance. At said time, I will also have 2.5 years work experience working in small business lending with BoA. I'm also on track to finish with a 3.5 GPA.

I really am determined to try and get myself into IB as an analyst. I realize I do not come from a target school, and my GPA isn't perfect. However, I think working full time with the second largest bank in the country while finishing my last two years of undergrad is quite impressive. I've performed very well in my role too.

In my opinion, recieving my first full time offer at age 19, going into my junior year and working fulltime through school says a lot more about someones desire to succeed, than perhaps someone who justs boasts the fact that they went to an Ivy.

What do you all think my chances are at getting into IB?

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May 15, 2015

With that mentality, I would say slim to none. You may be "great", relative to your peers at University of Buffalo. But based on the information you have provided, I have seen a lot better candidates that were unable to break in IB.

Second, there is little transferable skills from SBA that you can utlize in IB.With little relevant work experience and such a naive mind set, I wish you the best.

Also, although you were working full-time hours at BofA, I would not consider that a "full time" offer. To me, it's an internship and again, not very impressive.

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May 15, 2015

I do not understand how I come off niave. I'm a humble kid from a blue collar city that wants to do well for himself. I'm not knocking anyone who goes to Ivy's at all. I just feel that work experince should be valued more than where someone went to school. Would you agree?

Also, how do you consider working 40+ hours a week 7-4 everyday not a full time offer?

May 15, 2015

impressive working full time and being full time student. What exactly did you do at BofA? Sounds like u had transaction exp of providing debt financing to small businesses?

May 15, 2015

I would begin networking, and reach out to people in the business, whether it's through connections or cold calling. I think you have an interesting story to tell, and working 40 hours a week + keeping your grades above 3.5 will be an asset. Since you're graduating in December 2015, you'll be able to participate in the fall recruiting season (usually beginning in September and ending some time in November). Getting feedback from networking will give you the best indication on your chances of getting into IB.

May 15, 2015

Do what @brokencircle13 said for IB but can you also try to network through BofA? I know Buffalo SBA is metaphorically pretty far from NYC or Charlotte IB in a couple hundred thousand employee company, but you may be able to ask someone high enough up in your department for a referral. Also, be open to other debt related positions within BofA and outside of it. You may also look to some of the funds that invest in small business loans or BDC's that specialize in smaller biz because you know underwriting at the micro level, so instead of being the front line guy you could start post undergrad a couple of levels above that. There are dozens of other options out there, and pursue IB but I'd take a multipronged approach and check out other finance jobs where your skills may be directly applicable in case IB doesn't work.

Good luck.

May 18, 2015