What are some differences between college and the real world (IB PE)?

I'm still in college but from what I've gathered ... 

  1. Once you're in IB, your college and GPA don't matter at all - it's based on your work performance and politics (okay obviously it does for MF PE/bschool... but ultimately it doesn't matter)

  2. Everything learned in college is largely useless save 3-4 courses

  3. Who you know is more important than what you know (tech maybe not so - probably should pick up a CS course to feel it out and make some CS /eng friends)

  4. Harder to make friends as an adult

  5. More money less free time

  6. Golden handcuffs I assume otherwise there would be more entrepreneurs (feel like most people here deep down want to start a company because I sure as hell do) 

perspective from eco/math at a target

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