What could a Director, Senior Director, VP and SVP expect to make?

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Once you reach the upper echelons of any corporate job, the numbers get a bit harder to find.

So I was wondering if anyone here would know if my estimate is accurate?

Director: $150k-$250k

Sr. Director: $180k-$300k

Vice President: $250k-$500k

Sr. Vice President: $400k-$750k

Is this close to what it's like in real life or is it higher/lower?


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Sep 14, 2018

I'm in tech so numbers will be skewed upward, but Directors at my company are more in the 300-400k range.

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Sep 16, 2018

Yeah same at my firm (also in tech). The director/senior director numbers the OP posted are more manager/senior manager at my firm.

VP numbers are low for tech too. I know at least some finance VPs at my firm make $1MM+.

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Sep 14, 2018

This is all in the right ballpark, but will vary substantially by company. If anything your scales skew too low. I assume the numbers are meant to be all-in. If so, I would push the scale +$50k for Director/Senior Director, and +$100k for VP. And I'm not in tech I'm at a regular old consumer goods company.

Sep 17, 2018

F200 Defense company- Director's have a base salary anywhere in the 200s (new directors are at 200, long time/late career directors are around 280). I don't know what the bonus range is, but I'd guess it is around 25-35%.

VPs have a base around $400k and I'd assume their bonus is in the same range as directors, maybe a bit more.

Sep 17, 2018