What do recruiters think about double majors specifically econ with math or engineering.

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So in some of the universities I've been accepted to I was offered to do a double major in econ and math at UCLA. Or I can go to Claremont Mckenna and then Harvey Mudd and get a dual degree in econ and engineering. I want your opinions on which one of these will employers like the most and from those universities or whether it's not even that important.
P.S.: I also got into UCL but just a plain econ major which is why I don't like it but if you think it's better in the eyes of employers please say in the comments

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Apr 6, 2018

They most likely couldn't care less (bar a quick glance) and swiftly move to what actually matters (i.e. GPA, work experience, leadership/ECs etc).

Banking isn't rocket science, your major only really factors in if you're gunning for something really quantitative or if you need to prove you aren't dumb (i.e. not doing a soft degree at a complete non-target).

Apr 6, 2018

Recruiters aren't going to care. Pick what you like and will do well in.

Apr 8, 2018