What do you think are some good questions to ask current interns at an IB?

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What do you think would be some of the best insightful questions to ask current interns about the bank they're in? A BB is having a webinar where you can ask interns about their experience and I'm wondering what kind of questions would be both appropriate and deeper than typical "what was the work like, what things about the culture did you like/dislike etc" questions.

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Jul 31,2017

"Can you forward my resume to HR"

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Jul 31,2017

That'll be in my closing remarks don't worry.

Jul 31,2017

I'd just ask them what you're genuinely curious about. In my experience, you don't really have to impress interns the way you have to impress a VP or even an analyst. They're probably the people you can ask the most honest questions to.

Jul 31,2017