What is the closest thing to a target or semi-target undergrad program that I could get into to eventually move on to IB?

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I know prestige is very important when it comes to finance, but I screwed up too much my first two years of high school to get into a target.

With a 3.6 weighted GPA(3.5 Freshman year, 3.3 Sophomore year, 4.0 Junior year), many AP courses, a 35 ACT, and mediocre extracurriculars, what is the closest thing to a target where I would actually have a chance of being admitted?

Targets/Semi-targets I am applying to:
IU Kelley
Michigan Ross(reach)
Cornell(Huge reach)
NYU(So much of a reach I might be wasting $80)

Are there any schools other than IU Kelley which would be a good option for me? My low GPA closes alot of doors.

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Jan 1, 2018

UT (aim for BHP, semi-target)
Emory/Georgetown/Vanderbilt (selective but smaller class sizes, semi-targets if not targets)
Rice (selective. semi-target but Houston focus)

I, for one, think your ACT score balances out your GPA so you have a shot at some if not most of these universities depending on your essays.

Jan 1, 2018

Dude, apply to some targets. You have a 4.0 your junior year (upward trend) and you've got a killer ACT. Don't sell yourself short - I know personally of someone with a 3.4 weighted GPA & 34 ACT that got into NYU, so dunno why you're calling it "so much of a reach."

Assuming good ec's and a killer essay you're solid target material. Apply to more schools like UVA/UNC/UMich and some privates like emory/vanderbilt/georgetown,

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Jan 1, 2018