What is the craziest boss or coworker you ever had and why?

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Have you ever had a boss or coworker that was horrendous?

What made them so nuts? Please Share!

My worst coworker was at my first accounting job. The day she "trained" me she took initiative to walk me around the HQ pointing at everyone and telling me about how she hated them. She then went on to tell me the tattoo on her wrist was the name of her unborn child.

She also asked if I did the "sippy sip" which I guess was her really cringey way of asking if I drink. She went to her car and took bong hits and always tried bonding with me.

Needless to say I nearly walked out after half an hour and the first few months with her were TERRIBLE. I did not understand how she wasn't fired!

It later became clear to me that this was because we had a high turn over rate, and they needed any employee they could get.

Through out my first year I managed to set some boundaries with her. In other words, I basically ignored her unless I was spoken to so she left me alone.

Eventually the rainbows came through my clouded sky and she quit.

Now it makes a fabulous and funny story so I'd love to hear about your workplace lunatics.