What name put on my previous internship ?

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Hi all !

I am currently updating my CV with my last experience and I'm dealing with a weird problem: I don't know what name to put this experience.

Basically, I was in the so called "investment department" of a corporate real estate firm and my team was in charge of advising investors, mostly REIT (not sure about the exact equivalent of french "SCPI" in other countries ) on the selling of their investment propreties and finding a buyer.

The official name of my role was "Investment analyst" but I think it's not specific enough. My tasks were drafting teasers, pitchbooks and info memo used for client meetings by consultants, after having conducted an analysis of the whole "data room" documents and valuated the proprety (more often than not with capitalisation rate method but also sometimes DCF and comparable transactions). I also worked on a financial model that my tutor had just started as a side project during down times.

What do you guys think ?

I firstly put "M&A Real Estate" but I found it too overblown and IB guys might have a good laugh at it when receiving my resume.

Thanks a lot !

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Feb 5, 2019