What the typical level of a post-MBA career transitioner?

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Hey guys, I am in my last semester of my MBA, and at graduation I am going to be finishing with one year of private equity experience working CRE acquisitions. REPE is a industry that obviously values experience over education, and I was curious what position one would be targeting after an MBA with only one year of RE experience? My background isn't really relevant (corp strat with a F500 bank), and I went into my MBA looking to transition.

I really enjoy working within acquisitions, and my title is technically an associate, but we're a lean team. Should I be aiming for an analyst role, or is one year + an MBA enough to get me an associate role?

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Mar 1, 2020

I would apply for analyst and associate roles equally, your profile should allow you to be considered for both. In reality, I think you are looking to do one of the following:

  1. Entry-level (probably analyst) at well established, larger, known firm. The experience will help but they won't give you much credit for it, just may be why you get the job and the opportunity.
  2. Just-above-entry-level (maybe associate) at smaller, less known firm. Here the experience (i.e. less to train) will be valued more and you may get a better title.

In truth, I'd expect your comp to be in similar range in either option. Just a matter of taking the best option you get offered.

Good luck!

Mar 1, 2020