Which B-School should I apply to this year??

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Do you have any recommendations on which schools I could aim for? Yale rejected me this year R3 (waiting for feedback). Some profile info:
1) 4 years in family engineering firm as internal consultant. Medium sized, a bit below 200 ppl
2) Started new [email protected] big tech consulting firm in unique position recently (they just created it so my team is me + top few C-suite executives driving the business growth)
3) Extensive volunteering exp overseas in major NGOs, starting @ a couple NGOs here, here.
4)Top 3 EU uni, average grades lol but granted special leave.
5)GMAT 720 (aiming 750)

I want to stay in the Northeast cos my fiance lives in NY but gna apply to the west anw. T
1) Wharton
2) MIT Sloan
3) Yale SOM
4) Booth
5) Kellogg
6) Haas
7) Fuqua
8) Ross

Compared to applicants who work in McKinsey/JPM etc. my profile isn't great but god knows.

United States - Northeast
United States - South
United States - West
All Europe
United States - Midwest

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Jun 9, 2019

post-mba goal: consulting & entrepreneurship.

Jun 12, 2019

Which programs did you apply to this past cycle? Just Yale?

Linda Abraham
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Jun 15, 2019

yes, slightly haphazard because I decided pretty late in the year and had to do R3. I thought my app was pretty good but I bombed the video interview bad. Stuttered and stared at the screen. Also, English is my first language... They said they will send out feedback after the final cycle in June.

Jun 17, 2019

Hi talisagaye,

I'm sure you realize that Haas is West Coast. I suggest you also consider CBS and NYU Stern in addition to those on your list. Depending on the feedback, reapply to Yale. You may also want to consider Cornell Johnson.

MIT Sloan is usually rather tough on "average grades," but I'd need to know more about major, how "average," extenuating circumstances, trend, etc. I'm assuming YOU accomplished something noteworthy in your first job to snag the second. That something will help you.

U.S. schools want to increase the number of European students and that will also help you.


Linda Abraham
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Jun 17, 2019

Hmmm okay thanks!

Majored in medical research. Regarding my academics - Upper Second Class Honours, about 70 percentile? They don't disclose this. Extenuating - severely depressed (hard to disclose it in my apps) throughout college. My professors thought I'd fail but I scraped through while being hospitalised half the time (so I couldnt attend classes) & was offered publications for 2 of my research papers (didn't manage to go through with it.. again.. depression).

Pre-college, was straight As student, multiple academic awards, top 3 student in my country throughout high school. My country is pretty damn competitive too, notoriously best (and toughest) education system in the world

Don't know about impressive first job. The CEO barely asked about it. He just got me to do 2 market analysis presentations and he was pretty impressed, and liked my personality I guess.

Thank you so much for evaluating!!!:)Appreciate it a lot

Jun 17, 2019

*and also was accepted to Cambridge & Imperial college graduate medicine (about 10% admission rate) right after college so I guess my grades are not tooooo bad. ... Asian parents -.- Classic doctor/lawyer route.

Jun 17, 2019

Upper second class honors may not give you bragging rights, but if combined with a solid GMAT, work experience, and achievements, it also shouldn't keep you out.

You have good reasons for not applying to NYC schools given your experience as an undergrad. And have chosen your target schools well. You may also want to consider Dartmouth Tuck. It is famous for its close-knit student body.


Linda Abraham
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Jun 16, 2019

Why not CBS?

Jun 17, 2019