Which route for MBA?

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I'm currently finishing up my first year of Big 4 audit and contemplating about my future. In all honesty, it's been a great year. I've been given a lot of good opportunities and learned a lot, resulting in pretty good reviews during the end of year review. I'm really appreciative of the opportunities I had, especially given how difficult recruiting was during the 08-09. With that said, I've already decided that public accounting isn't my thing. I can see myself doing audit for another year or two at most. I've kind of mapped out two options that I could potentially take. Which "profile" do you think would look better in terms of getting into MBA

1) 2 -3 year audit experience + 1-2 year transaction services experience
2) 1-2 year audit experience + 2-3 year MM investment banking experience

The reason why I'm considering route 1 is obviously 1) I might not be able to get into a respectable MM shop. But also 2) it would show progression within one firm, where as the second route might seem like I'm just jumping around.

My end goal is to get into a top MBA. Currently I'm actively applying to investment banking analyst positions. Obviously it's a bit hard right now given most hiring is pretty much over. I plan on trying to go through fall recruiting and hopefully securing an offer for the 2012 start class. If not, I will continue try to get in through off cycle recruiting. If I really can't get into banking (which I don't think is impossible), I can go the transaction services route to help bolster my profile.

I feel like I'm in a pretty good place right now. Being at a Big 4 isn't the most "prestigious' by any means. But truth is I'm really happy with how far I've come. At one point in college, I had below a 3.0, had to petition to stay in my major, and couldn't get any interviews for summer internships (GPA due to personal issues, not laziness :P). I've come pretty far from being at the very bottom of the recruiting pool. It was a long climb, but I do feel like I have a lot of options in front of me.

Thanks for all your advice!

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Jun 17, 2011

Ostensibly, I'd say option two looks better. But it could go either way, so long as your story is good.

Jun 18, 2011

I know people who got into top 10 MBA programs with just 2 yrs of experience in Audit.

That said you would need to be a superstar in your community involvement, and have your GMAT above 730. Even with 5 years of experience, 750+ GMAT, it will be tough to get into H,W,S without significant community involvement.

Jun 20, 2011