Will My Goldman Post Make The Wall Street Journal?

Scrolling through linkedin today and I noticed efinancialcareers posted the Goldman video from my thread.

God this will be fucking hilarious if WSJ, Dealbreaker, etc. also decide to make an article.


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He got the offer. We should all make videos.

nobody is as dank as me

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Dude the article railroaded him haha. They reached out to GS and duval for comment LMAO.


If only it was that simple. They're probably gonna make his first two years hell.


Jesus Christ! They asked GS for a comment!

This could be really good for him (viral) or really bad for you (get sued).

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where's your sense of humor?


lol there's only like 10+ people (including yourself) who have posted the link. He posted the video on YOUTUBE. Not to mention GS is an at-will employer and will never lose in court over this hahahahaha.


Keep us posted @BillBelichick37 this has the makings of a good story all around.

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I hate this for the guy. This crosses the line of "good fun" and is damaging a young man's career potentially. I know the video was silly but being so driven at such a young age isn't a bad thing.

I would say there are a lot of people that do things when they're 20 or 21 that they regret or that wasn't very well though out.


He damaged his own career with that tie knot let's be real


Dude why the fuck do you care. Focus on your own life. The only people who have time to post and think about this shit are psycho losers.