Would you recommend against pursuing PWM?

I absolutely love sales (when I worked retail, I was pretty good and enjoyed selling) and soft skills are by far some of the strongest characteristics about me. I'm still in college but I have an extensive social network and I overall am just a people person.

I'm also really interested in the financial world, I've been investing for a few years myself and I'm currently majoring in Honours Economics (not finance I know but close).

I also love the "meritocratic" aspect of PWM where you get however much you can bring in as opposed to just getting a salary no matter how good of an employee you are.

PWM almost seems like the perfect career for me but I see a lot of negativity surrounding it, even a couple forum posts like one where a guy said PWM was going to be eliminated in a few years and he was asking about potential exits. 
Is PWM not a good career field to get into? Our family has a wealth advisor (not HNW like maybe most 500k) and their firm seems to be prospering with a lot of young employees going into it.

Would you recommend against a current college student pursuing PWM?

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Oct 8, 2021 - 1:04pm

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