Anyone done Hacker Paradise or Remote Year?

I've been looking into fun, travel-related things to do and stumbled across these programs for digital nomads (people who can work from anywhere). I have read a lot of the content online and 90% of it seems positive and 10% of it seems like a nightmare. Anyone done a trip through them? I'm mostly interested in the 1-month trips.

Thanks in advance for the thoughts.


I have done IEC in Canada, was planned for initially 1-2 months, but ended up living there for three years.Highly recommend travel and overseas experiences for young people.

A friend did the remote year experience and loved it.


I have done IEC in Canada, was planned for initially 1-2 months, but ended up living there for three years.Highly recommend travel and overseas experiences for young people.

A friend did the remote year experience and loved it.

Thanks. I'm not sure what IEC is (International Exchange Cxxx?), but I'm assuming it isn't a fit for me as a guy in my mid/late 30s looking for shorter term travel experiences (1-2 months). Any details on your friend's Remote Year experience -- where they went, when they went?

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Yes, exactly. I've spent a good 4-5 hours doing research by reading reviews posted on various sites and people's individual blogs. Seems Remote Year has mostly young people in their 20s and 30s, and a good portion of them actually are between jobs or on sabbatical during their Remote Year trip. Also seems to be centered a lot around partying and going out, and the male/female ratio is about 50/50. The partying aspect is exactly what I don't want, so I'm probably not going to end up on a Remote Year trip, but Hacker Paradise seems a lot more chill and leans a bit older.

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Do you basically do your normal job from a remote location? Or is it like temp work that you can do remotely, but you travel and work while traveling?

Their FAQ isn't too clear

HACKER PARADISE is a community of international remote working professionals that travel the world together for weeks or months at a time. We make remote working fun, fulfilling, and fearless.


Yes, you do your normal job from a remote location. They essentially organize the accommodations, co-working space with strong wifi, and a few group activities. So the idea is that for people who have the flexibility to work from anywhere can travel alongside 25+ (in theory) likeminded individuals without worrying about figuring out accommodations or working space. In exchange, you end up essentially paying a premium for basic accommodations, which is where the company makes its margins. I expect it is probably a similar experience to study abroad, but for working adults.

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True, but when you’re spending 12 consecutive months traveling to 12 different countries, you don’t want to be working for 8-12 hours a day from the hotel bed or the hotel table. Also, there is no guarantee the wifi will be any good if you’re at some random hotel in Vietnam. If you show up and the wifi doesn’t work, you’re screwed — particularly because you’re there for an entire month. 

Besides the above, the co-working space and accommodations are more about providing a community when traveling. A lot of people who work remote/alone often report feeling rather lonely and isolated, so this is very much a means for that person to be make friends and be social without giving up their remote / nomadic lifestyle.

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