I am looking to upgrade my shoes that I wear with khaki/navy blue shorts…basically my summer uniform ha.

I have some loafers/drivers/boat shoes now but they have varying levels of comfort. The Sperry's might be the best but my feet sometimes still hurt after a long day in them.

My Nordstrom 1901 (did they retire that brand?) aren't really comfortable at all but I think they aren't sized the greatest, slightly too big so might partially be my fault. Usually just wear them for quick errands.

Someone at Nordstrom told me to check out FleetFeet, any experience with them? Any other insoles or inserts I should check out.

Essentially, I want shoes that I can go to a baseball game in and then walk around for hours after. Or just a busy day walking around the city in the summer.

I have some Cole Haan knit oxfords that aren't bad but I would like 1-2 additional summer shoes in the rotation, including a classic brown loafer looking one…but good for miles of walking too.



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petrderbikov, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Hi! I don't know if these shoes will work for you, but for me the most comfortable sneakers I have ever worn are the yeezys adidas. I'm not exaggerating and really not once have my feet ever hurt or rubbed blisters after wearing these shoes. Also, they are stylish, so if you want to look cool, I think they will work for you. The midsole of these sneakers is actually made for stability and comfort. Yeezy's are not just branding and marketing, they are actually pretty good shoes that are very comfortable even with extended use.

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Same. It's messed up that Kanye is destroying the brand, but as sneakers I really like the stability too. It is the type of shoe that I feel gives me spring on my feet, those thick laces never get tangled up, and some of my best bench sessions at the gym have been in Yeezys because of how stable they feel compared to normal ultraboosts which are too narrow (I have weightlifting shoes too, for reference). I have owned Yeezy Zebra since 2017 which I have worn in snow and really hot and humid weather, and it's still going (although the bottom plastic has started to come out slightly, but that's on me for running in them outside during covid). Not to mention they don't get creased like pretty much every leather sneakers out there

georginamorris, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Aspernatur et porro tempora nihil. Unde delectus odio atque. Deserunt vitae quos autem exercitationem illum. Aut aut ut tempora numquam et iusto occaecati rerum.

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