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Hear directly from business leaders. Secrets to success, struggles along the way, optimal career paths and life in general.

Moving Up Podcast

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About the Host

Alex began his career as an analyst at JPMorgan Private Bank. After completing the program, he moved into investment banking at Houlihan Lokey in their restructuring group. Alex went on to work at a digital media company before getting his MBA at UCLA Anderson. After business school, Alex co-founded a fintech app called Payclub. Alex grew up in Park City, Utah and loves to ski and golf.

Eric Bahn – Hustle

Eric talks about his investment in Payclub. His new venture Hustle Fund and beginning his post college life starting How his mom thought he wasn't smart and what set him apart.

Niki Pezeshki (Felicis Ventures) - Attitude and passion

Niki went straight to the buyside after college at Vista Equity Partners. Wanted to get his hands dirty outside of finance, saw that the grass is not necessarily always greener, got back into private equity and is now a VC.

Lisa Wu (Norwest) – Going for glory

Life's too short to not be passionate about what you do. Trying lots of things in your 20s. How to succeed in venture and important advice for your first year on the job.

Greg Isenberg (Islands) - Confident but humble

Finding confidence with your skill set. Why group chat is the new social network and life hacks at the very end.

Lauren Kolodny (Aspect) - Relationships, luck and providing value

Starting her career off in solar power in India, getting a job at Google, business school and then venture. Recognizing themes in your career and embracing ambiguity.

How to be a leader today - Dan Schawbel

How to connect with people and build a network. Crating habits and making yourself uncomfortable.

Arjan Schutte - Investing for the good of society

Investing in stuff that makes life easier, finding your passion and how there's no shortcuts in the hustle of careers.

Dan Ciporin (Canaan) - Don’t agonize just go do it and learn from it

Starting a business at 40 taking it public 5 years later and then selling to eBay for $620m. The value of an MBA, how he became a CEO and why making the wrong choice could be the right one.

Disrupting the jewelry business

How to start a business while working for GS and BCG. Being honest with your current employer and advice for making the jump.

Kevin Zhang (Upfront Ventures) Going from analyst to partner

Deciding on startups vs the buy-side. Developing flexible decision making and the secrets of climbing the ranks and making partner in 5-years.

Andrew Kortina – The story of Venmo

How Venmo came to be, why they incorporated the social stream and how it was life or death at the end.

Gaurav Jain (Afore Capital) Don’t wait – go do it

Comparing working at Google vs. startups. The non-obvious part of being in venture. The pre-seed investing market and the conflict between ambition and discipline

Daniel Scrivner – The importance of design

Daniel launched his career at Apple and then became a startup guy before that was common. His quest to find a job that connects both sides of the brain, what goes into design at Apple and my favorite piece of advice ever (at the end).

David Sica (NYCA) – Not taking no for an answer

David is an investor at a top vc fund. His path to get there went through banking but was filled with challenges and required some creativity - even persisting after getting fired. Going from being a financial advisor to investment banker, proving that your serious and exchanging hard work for the opportunity to learn.

Farhan Ahmad – Focus on people

Not chasing roles or titles but focusing on the people you will work with and turning down amazing jobs and lots of money in pursuit of learning

Austin Arensberg (Scrum Ventures) Building an international career

Working all over the world going from pe to corp dev to consulting and now vc. Career moving tactics and transactional work vs. strategy.

Dave Berkus - Smiling at success laughing at failure

Super angel investor on pioneering the asset class. How to be good at it, how to value a startup and passing on writing one of the very first checks into Amazon.

Dave Samuel - Having no failures

Is an entrepreneur born or made? Launching the 1st internet radio service selling it for a life changing amount and then getting into the toilet seat business.

Jeff Solomon - The startup journey

What makes a good entrepreneur, how to accelerate results by going to work for a successful entrepreneur and why startups take so long to build.

Alex Pessala (Middleland Capital) - If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward

Differentiating yourself in IB recruiting. How working in banking made him realize he wanted to be an entrepreneur and building a network when you don't have one.

Hadley Harris (ENIAC Ventures) – Starting over at 30

Hadley followed his love for technology to get into venture investing. How/why he started his own fund vs working for an existing one. Focusing on 1 thing and a couple life hacks at the end.

Vica Manos (Anthemis) - Getting to the buyside

Working hard to get what you want but realizing that good things happen when you least obsess about them.

Michael Berolzheimer (Bee Partners) - Unlimited risk tolerance

Michael did IB, PE and b-school, founded 4 company's and now invests in startups at the very earliest stage. Leaving private equity for a career in broken unloved and new businesses.

Living your ideal – 6-part framework

Choosing love over fear, having it ALL and why you need a personal mission statement.

Mark Peter Davis - A passion for entrepreneurship

Mark is a successful VC. We discuss consulting vs. banking (he did both) the biggest mistake of his career and how working for free can save you money (if you don't get an MBA). Also, how to get a job at a startup.

Peter Brack (Mucker) – Chasing Growth

Buying media businesses in China, taking them public and finding a way to be interesting.

Ben Narasin (Partner NEA) - Taking rational risk in exchange for ridiculous reward

How to do Crossfit for your brain, not finishing books and why tenacity is the only thing that matters.

Mark Goldberg (Index Ventures) - The transition from finance to tech

Mark started his career at Morgan Stanley worked on the Tesla IPO became an early employee at Dropbox and now Partner at Index Ventures. His advice to skip banking and how to get an unfair advantage in tech. @Goldman Snacks

Jean Denis (head of engineering at Plaid)- The prestige trap

The path from software engineer to lawyer (at a prestigious firm) to tech. Why it's so easy to chase a big name and big money instead of finding what's right for you.

Disrupting the bra business with 2 Wharton MBA’s

Leaving consulting (Mckinsey and Deloitte) to go to Wharton. Staring a business in b-school, the pros and cons.

Brian Garrett - Having conviction and no plan B

Brian talks about being one of the first VC's in SoCal and the grind that it has been. Having humility and confidence in yourself and what he attributes his success to. @ptm24

Jeff Clavier - There's no shame in failure

The VC funnel, what it takes to be a wine collector and serendipity in life.

David Hornik - Inside the job of a VC

2 types of people in the business world - principles and agents and the importance of having fun a long the way.

Mark Mullen - Wash your own glass

Mark was an investment banker for 22 years. He sold his bank to RBC, became the COO of Los Angeles and now is a venture investor. Why he doesn't like traditional meeting structures and how he uses pattern recognition to invest in startups.

Steve Martocci - Co-founder of GroupMe, Splice and Blade

Steve started GroupMe, sold it 370 later days for $85 million. How timing is crucial, 2-paths to life, and why he continues to grind.

Mr. Opportunity - Keith Wasserman

Discussing all things real estate, learning by doing and how one small investment can build a real estate empire.

Andrew Mccollum (Co-Founder of Facebook) - Being flexible and choosing the harder path

Now CEO of Philo, how he made the decision to leave FB and why it was an easy choice. Also, a tip for taking the pressure off of big decisions.

Sheel Tyle – Driven by mission

Dropping out of HBS and doing free work to break-in. Being persistent without being annoying. Why there is no shame in not knowing what you want to do.

Sheel Mohnot - How to get from BCG to venture capital at 500 Startups

Fintech investing guru Sheel Mohnot discusses what you need to be successful in the startup world. What investors are looking for and how to embrace failure.
@famejranc @Walker Texas Banker @REPE God @Muzach...

How Billionaires set goals

Geoff Woods runs the business behind The 1 Thing, the highest rated business book of all time. Actionable discussion on how to invest your time.

Fabrice Grinda - Lay out the options

Fabrice left Mckinsey to be a tech entrepreneur. Did that, made millions, gave it all away to have nowhere to live and less than 100 items. His journey and how to write yourself an email to help make important life decisions. @vjunior60 @John Rocker

Howard Lindzon - It’s all about getting equity

Howard tell us why the more paper you have the better. Public vs private markets and how you should be investing. Career path recommendations for wannabe entrepreneurs.
@ibpotential @PenAndPencils @notbad4aquant @AnotherAnother

How to become a VC - Ali Hamed

Ali discusses his scrappy and creative start to becoming a venture capitalist. The steps he took and his advice on how to become a vc without working for one. How to have others network on your behalf and a little on crypto investing at the end. Mentions: @monkey_brah @m8 @APAE...

Hack the entrepreneur

How to shift your thinking to the mindset entrepreneurs need. Working on the hard stuff, pushing yourself and then rubbing success in everyone's face.

Be a doer

Chris Powers, real estate and startup investor, tells us how important it is to be curious and genuine. The advantages of not knowing what you're doing and what to do if you don't have a network.

There is no success without compassion

Dale Godboldo is the first movie star to be on the podcast. We chat about his entrepreneurial and social passions along with the business of being an actor.

Gotham Gal - Pioneering investing, blogging and women in tech

Joanne Wilson tells us why she has been investing in strong female founders since 2007, blogging since 2003 and how it's all about pursuing happiness.

Corporate VC and an analyst job offer!

Urs Cete runs venture investing for Bertelsmann Digital Media. His path to becoming a VC and what skills set him apart. A day in the life and how to pitch a VC.

Making a career out of what makes you happy

Enlightening conversation with storyteller Jordan Taylor Wright. How to remove stress from your life and how the universe will reward you for being yourself.

Building something that matters - Bryan Birsic CEO Wunder Capital

The future of solar power and how to invest in it. A framework to not let fear guide your decision making and Bryan's philosophy for how to change jobs.