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Hear directly from business leaders. Secrets to success, struggles along the way, optimal career paths and life in general.

Moving Up Podcast

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Hear directly from business leaders. Secrets to success, struggles along the way, optimal career paths and life in general.

About the Host

Alex began his career as an analyst at JPMorgan Private Bank. After completing the program, he moved into investment banking at Houlihan Lokey in their restructuring group. Alex went on to work at a digital media company before getting his MBA at UCLA Anderson. After business school, Alex co-founded a fintech app called Payclub. Alex grew up in Park City, Utah and loves to ski and golf.

Wall Street Oasis Podcast

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Gain critical career and life insights from the most inspirational members on Wall Street Oasis. Detailed advice around recruiting, interviewing, networking and "day-in-the-life" segments. Even those who've "made it" usually didn't follow a straight path. Join us to hear of the twists and turns of successful professionals across investment banking, private equity, hedge funds, management consulting, prop trading, asset management and more!

About the Host

Patrick is the Chief Monkey & Founder of Wall Street Oasis. After doing a few years in investment banking at Rothschild in New York, he worked for four years at a private equity fund in New York and then went on to get his MBA from Wharton. Since graduatiing with his MBA in 2010, Patrick has run Wall Street Oasis as his full time job.


Michael Rangel (Bank Novo) - Putting things into perspective

What happens after a car accident changes everything. Coming back, asking yourself why and then launching a business. Advice to not get an MBA, the glamorization of startups and how the future of banking is personalized....

2.8 GPA to Goldman to Hedge Fund Analyst in Hong Kong

Member @MarketBeater shares how he broke into Goldman and eventually a buyside hedge fund role in Hong Kong with a 2.8 GPA. How much he's getting paid now and a key piece of advice to our listeners to stay motivated...

WSO Mentors

Do you...

From the Navy to Real Estate Investment Banking

Member @Over-levered Monkey shares his path from being in the Navy to eventually breaking into real estate investment banking. How he was able to land multiple internships throughout undergrad, what hurt him in the interview process and how much he's making now.

Jon & Alex (AgentRisk) - The future of money management

Moving from Greece, the learnings from many failures and then a huge success (17x exit), what it's like being a second time founder and building a fintech business based of the problems they experienced. www.ansarada.com

Landing in Private Equity from Big 4 Consulting... Say What?!

Member @VincentGambini shares his very unlikely path from a Big 4 Consulting position to a lucrative private equity fund. How he positioned himself at the Big 4 in order to be more attractive to PE firms, a key piece of advice to his younger self and how he got his big break.

Want him to...

Alex Cohen (Even Financial) – Opening doors

Alex built Birch Finance which was acquired by Even Financial, where he's now director of strategy. How to maximize your credit card points and building a fintech recommendation engine. What will open more doors - going to work for a big name corporate or a startup? Job offer at the end!...

Bulge Bracket IB Analyst -> MM in Lev Finance -> Private Equity

Member @Clion shares his struggle to land a front office investment banking position, even coming from an ivy league school. We cover his struggle with HR to transition to the leveraged finance team at the bulge bracket, why he eventually decided to lateral to a smaller bank, moving to Austin,...

Camille Holden - How to be time rich

Building an online business while living in Bali, highlights from 4-years travelling the world and getting 3x faster with PowerPoint. https://nutsandboltsspeedtraining.com/wso/...