It opens a diversified range of opportunities for you as a student in the professional field.

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September 6, 2023

What is the GMAT Pill?

When considering taking the next step in your education and advancing your career into a brighter position, you should take the Graduate Management Admission Test. It opens a diversified range of opportunities for you as a student in the professional field.

Students who want to attend graduate business programs must take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), a graduate admissions entrance exam. A GMAT score is frequently required when applying to graduate programs for an MBA, Master of Accountancy, or Master of Finance. 

The graduate management admission test is a standardized examination designed to assess a test-aptitude taker in mathematics, verbal ability, and analytical writing. The purpose is to give business schools standardized measures of applicants' readiness for a graduate level.

To evaluate you for the MBA program, business school admission committees consider your GMAT score, as well as your work experience, academic record, and supporting materials.

The GMAT is a standardized test that must be taken to apply to many business-related programs at US universities and colleges. It is an adaptive computer test. 

The GMAT is frequently listed as a prerequisite to applying for graduate business programs, such as MBAs, in the United States. This test assesses your quantitative and analytical reasoning abilities and your English reading, writing, and speaking proficiency.

The exam comprises four sections: verbal reasoning, analytical writing, quantitative reasoning, and integrated reasoning. The GMAT has a total point requirement of 800 and is completed in three and a half hours.

The GMAT is primarily a test of your critical thinking abilities, even though it tests facts and rules, such as grammar and concrete concepts in math, algebra, statistics, and geometry. 

It assesses your capacity for logical thought, problem-solving within time constraints, and analyzing and evaluating verbal and quantitative information. 

The secret to getting a high GMAT score is understanding how to think rationally and analyze information critically effectively.

Understanding the GMAT Pill

Zeke Lee, the author of "How To Ace The GMAT In 1 Month," founded this, a business that offers test preparation courses. In addition, the company provides GMAT preparation courses online. They aim to assist their students in passing the GMAT as quickly as possible.

The full-length GMAT Pill program lasts for about a month on average. These "pills" are available and encompass the entire course in six. Students can buy one pill, several pills, or all the pills. 

It offers six-course "pill" programs. Sentence Correction, Critical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Problem Solving, Data Sufficiency, and Integrated Reasoning pills are available for each section of the GMAT real test. 

Every pill employs a natural process of memory retention, practice, and, eventually, mastery. This allows you to purchase any desired combination of pills or individual pills—the manufacturers of the GMAT Pill support efficient and quick learning.

Any student who enrolls with them is guaranteed to see an improvement in their score of at least 50+ points over their prior best. In addition, it helps to ensure high scores by providing a mobile app designed to make learning more convenient and devoted guidance.

The option to buy just one particular "pill" is very advantageous for the educational time involved. Instead of wasting valuable time on an entire program, students can concentrate on their areas of weakness.

A careful assessment is advised because not every student knows their strengths and weaknesses. Although they do not appear very cutting-edge, the GMAT PILL videos are simple to understand. 

The first step in the process of learning is to lay a solid foundation for the test materials. After that, it gives students a study schedule, so they always know their goals for each stage. 

This thorough plan helps the student stay concentrated and on-task for the day's objectives.

GMAT Pills – Approach

This offers a fully mobile solution, allowing you to study whenever and wherever you want. It adheres to a three-step process wherein initial emphasis is placed on laying a strong foundation in the fundamental ideas assessed on the exam.

Then they evaluate the students on their prior knowledge before applying these ideas. Additionally, they offer a learning program for each day of the month to assist students in tracking their progress and completing their objectives.

The app is simple to install, use, and free. In addition, student support can be accessed via Email Support and Q&A forums. However, the GMAT PILL system is less innovative and inclusive than other online programs in the field.

Each member of the one-month learning plan who has signed up receives a reminder at 6 a.m. detailing what needs to be done on that specific day. 

They believe that dedicating more time to mastering the sections in which a student is weak is preferable to equal time allotments. Their goal is to get the student to think the same way as GMAT Pill founder Zeke Lee.

Zeke Lee, a Stanford graduate, Zeke previously worked for Booz & Company as a management consultant and is now a Wall Street derivatives trader. 

He was inspired to launch this business when he saw the potential for the advancement of online video technology and learned that people were shelling out more than $2,000 on test prep programs to ace MBA entrance exams. 

Zeke believed that those who could not afford such costly preparation would be disadvantaged. Therefore, he favors a more realistic approach over a theoretical one, which, he claims, aids in a better understanding of the material while also saving time.

GMAT Pill – Pricing

As previously mentioned, GMAT aspirants can select all six available pills or specific pills depending on their requirements and preferences.

It charges $730 for a premium membership that includes all six pills (currently available for $437 after a discount) and $249 for the first month (currently available for $169 after a discount), with a further $99 monthly fee after that. 

The cost of the pills is $120 per pill. The six pills can be purchased individually. The courses range from $120 to $437. 

The two completely online courses are 80+ hours long (the entire six "pills"), and they also have 1,000+ Q&A questions and a computer dynamic full-length test.

Students who enroll in the $169 program will have access to the system for one month, while those who enroll in the $437 program will have lifetime access to all of the system's updates and content. In addition, students may buy just one "pill" for $120.

The market for GMAT exam preparation services is quite large. Manhattan GMAT Prep, Kaplan Online Classroom, MGMAT Classroom, Princeton Review Class, Veritas Prep Course, and Knewton Online are major competitors of GMAT pills. 

Since the majority of the products, as we can see, cost more than $1,000, the GMAT Pill is a more affordable alternative. In addition, every product provides something distinctive, such as various teaching styles. 

Take the time to thoroughly research your options if you are looking for MBA enrollment preparation.

GMAT Pill – Package

GMAT Pill provides users with a useful package that suits their various needs and lacks students.

1. Online Video Lessons 

  • The best private tutoring experience available.
  • 80+ hours of video instruction and video explanations.
  • Problem-solving from the perspective of the test taker.
  • An expert thinking process that makes use of speed techniques and proprietary frameworks.
  • Six pills have been created: SC, CR, RC, PS, DS, and IR Pills.
  • A study plan outlining the resources that will be used until test day.
  • Use a mobile app to access video content while in a WiFi hotspot or download collections of videos for offline use.
  • Money-back guarantee of -50 points.
  •  Round-the-clock email and Q&A assistance.

2. Practice Pill Platform 

  • 1000+ Q&A with community discussion and expert input, full access to video explanations for each question.
  • Using the Mobile App, you can gain access to the Q&A platform.

3. OG Tracker Online

  • Maintain a record of answers to Official Guide Questions.
  • "View All" mode to provide answers to all queries in chronological order
  • You can repeatedly record and delete your remarks.

4. Practice exam

  • Practice Test that is Timed, 5 Attempts, with Timing Statistics.

It provides users with various pills that address the skills that need to be strengthened to pass the exam with a high score.

1. SC Pill 

  • Video Course on Sentence Correction.
  • 448 minutes of video-on-demand.
  •  65 videos, 30 of which explain the 10 Core Methodologies.
  •  Another 35 videos demonstrate how to use the frameworks.

2. CR Pill 

  • 568 minutes of on-demand video for the Critical Reasoning Video Course
  • 97 minutes: 10 Core CR structures
  • 7 CR 500+ minutes for question types with in-depth visual representations
  • Navigate older videos (400+ minutes) from previous versions of CR Pill

3. RC Pill 

  • Reading Comprehension Video Course OnDemand 690 Minutes
  • 154 videos and 23 RC writings with thought process video tutoring
  • Videos that serve as a framework for creating a battle plan for each category of RC question

4. DS Pill 

  • 420 minutes of on-demand video for the Data Sufficiency Video Course
  • 71 video clips, 12 videos elucidating Core methodologies
  • Another 59 videos demonstrate how to use them.
  • Bonus: Videos for the "Brutal Level" DS Flash Cards

5. PS Pill 

  • OnDemand Video Course for Problem Solving 612 Minutes
  • 75+ videos covering a wide range of concepts such as wordy word problems, sequences, geometry, angles, and permutations.
  • Additional videos from the Power Pill Series

6. IR Pill

  • Video Course on Integrated Reasoning,3 hours, 13 minutes for two-part analysis plus IR frameworks
  • 2 hours and 49 minutes for graphic interpretation
  • 1 hour and 43 minutes for table analysis
  • Reasoning from Multiple Sources four hours and forty minutes
  • Over 100 IR questions are available on the Practice Pill Platform.
  • Bonus: All current full-course students will receive FREE access to IR Pill!

Using the GMAT official guide

To assess your development: To establish a baseline for your potential performance on each GMAT exam section, consult the GMAT Official Guide. 

Target your focus areas by identifying them and focusing on them with verbal and quantitative reviews. Then, make personalized practice sets that get harder as you improve.

To gauge your preparedness, use the Official Practice Questions after you have finished the in-depth, supervised preparation through each of the GMAT Official Guides to gauge your general understanding and test-taking skills across all exam sections.

The Official GMAT Guide, or GMAT OG (as it is colloquially known), is undoubtedly one of your most reliable sources of GMAT preparation.

However, when you start using this GMAT guide, do you solve all of the questions from beginning to end, or can you do so much more? These GMAT questions are valuable because they are actual GMAT questions.

Students have previously encountered situations like this. The GMAT exam does not change yearly because GMAT results are valid for five years. As a result, previously published GMAT questions offer invaluable insight into potential future GMAT questions.


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