I am from a non-target and have my first superday this coming week with a MM IB. I have been going over WSO's fit and technical guides and looking at Mergers and Inquisitions.

Is there anything else that I can do to prepare? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Yes. For a super day, less is more.

Obviously study hard for it, but during the last few days leading up to the super day, focus less on getting every technical detail down and more on being mentally prepared for getting grilled for a couple of hours. Being composed, relaxed, and easy to talk is far more important than a fidgety know-it-all.


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The senior guys you meet are more likely to ask behavioral/market questions, so make sure you're prepared for those. Make sure you sleep well the night before. Superdays can be tiring and you want to stay energetic till the very end.


www.ibankingfaq.com will cover all the technicals you need. Work on your story, make sure you nail your fit questions.



Thank you for the help. How important do you think the "pitch me a stock" question is?


Thank you for the help. How important do you think the "pitch me a stock" question is?

Very important. For instance I was able to weave in the stock pitch into a number of questions, such as "Tell me more about the investment club" - I'd give a small intro and then transition into the pitch. Same for "What has been going on in the markets lately?" or "Have you been following the XYZ industry?"

Rarely someone will actually say "Pitch me a stock" for an IBD role (though not unheard of), more often a stock pitch is expected when asking about market activity (not macro events of course).

Also, as a side note, a whole bunch of my friends who are currently juniors had been brutalized with technicals during superdays by MDs and VPs. Even last year superdays were way less technical. Bottom line, you have to prepare for all sorts of question (fit and technicals) equally. Good luck!


It's important in the sense that it shows your analysis skills as to your ability to interpret financial statements as well as your real-life knowledge of financial ratios as opposed to what you just learn from the interview guides. That said, I never got a question on that, but was asked questions concerning more macro-issues or stock/commodities markets.

Be able to talk about sports and shoot the breeze with the interviewer. A good percentage of my fit interviews involved talking about sports or other current events, with only part of the conversation having to do with finance.


Don't drink too much water (esp. coffee) before - you don't know when you'll have time to go to the bathroom (i'm serious)


Thank you for the advice. How long should this stock pitch last? Do I need to memorize a bunch of multiples or would a brief explanation with reasoning suffice?


i have received great feedback on my stock pitches from interviews, so I'd say definitely mention multiples, but make sure you do incorporate the qualitative stuff as well, ie make sure you bring up the important drivers and also mention the intagibles that make the company unique/ good buy/ industry leader.

Also, i would recommend against pitching the fortune 500 companies. You never know, the person in front of you might know Walmart or GE in and out, so what ever you are going to say is not going to be good enough. On the other hand if you pitch a Chinese or Indian stock, chances are they are not quite familiar with it, so choose wisely.


Just be confident and excited. Obviously you know you have to prepare and it seems like you're doing well with that but the 2 most important things are Confidence and Attitude/Eagerness


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