Hi, I'm in a bit of a precarious situation and desperately need some help/advise!

OK, this is the scoop. Last year, I secured an offer from a certain BB in a BO position, summer internship for 2013. I signed their terms&conditions/contract fast because I had very little time to do so. This year I'm applying again and trying to get some better positions in FO. I also (maybe foolishly) applied to a FO position in London for a 2013 summer internship at the same BB that I have already accepted the BO position.

I've recently been phoned by this BB and have been put in a very difficult decision making process. The FO recruitment team in London and the BO recruitment team in the other location have told me that I have 2 choices: A) I have to be withdrawn from the application process of the London FO role, and keep my current offer in BO in the other location or B) the London FO will continue my application, which will be a first round telephone interview but I will have to discontinue my BO offer completely. So now I'm faced with so many mixed emotions, I'm surprised my head is still intact. On the one hand I really want the FO role as it is what I always wanted to do and it's in London but I have no gurantee that I will actually get it (i only have an interview so far) and may jeopardise my whole summer 2013 by losing both positions! But on the other hand I realize that the safe thing to do is just to withdraw my FO application and keep this BO role as this gurantees that I'll have a place at this BB in the summer, be it BO, not in London, severely underpaid and only my second preference (but I am still eager to work there).

So what do people think? What should I do? Even if I withdraw my FO application, will I be able to contact the FO team in the close future (having changed my mind) to ask them if they could consider me again (as long as the deadline hasn't passed)? I'd really like to end up in FO eventually, but I have heard some nasty stuff that BO is a black hole that's very hard to climb out of! It is still the same BB that I'll be switching roles in, and the BB doesn't seem have a problem about the simple fact that I've applied to a new position for them even after accepting their offer, just that I should make my decision to stick to one of them. Furthermore, I have almost no time to make a decision. Should I take the risk with the FO role? Or keep it safe with it the BO? Please help me, I feel terrible that I'll have to decline one of these opportunities.

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It might be a very critical decision in your life.

Do you have the balls or not?
Do you like to play safe and accept something you arent much interested into?

Its your choice, at least you have one.
However, once you say no to the FO at that bank, you should start looking for another bank FO - I dont think that you will have much chance there, I mean, you obviously made up your mind.

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I would keep this BO offer and apply for FO positions at other firms. Is that an option?


Thank you both for your replies. Black Jack, yeah it is an option but so far haven't heard anything back from the other few banks that I have. I believe my complete application for this BB was also the strongest and losing this would be a big blow, as I also don't have many others left.

Just to also mention, I have an AC at a good position in another bank in early December. I prefer this to the BO position but not to the FO. If I was accepted by this in early december after the AC, would it be possible for me to ask the FO team at the BB to reconsider my past application (is it not too late)?


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Oh, you mean I can't count on you?

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