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Recent Must Reads

Business School and GMAT
IBanking Vs Special Forces

I have been wondering for awhile what would be more attractive to Business School's. Working at a BB for 2-4...

Job Search Advice
Do Companies Ask for your Transcript to Check Your GPA?

Do the HR of BB's check your college transcript to make sure you aren't a liar? Does anyone know of anyone who...

Investment Banking
i-Bank Rock

The All Nighter Blog: i-Bank Rock (Sung to the tune of Jailhouse Rock) The analysts were parting in the 12th floor jail, The cleaning staff were there and they began to wail, The print room folks were jumpin’ and the joint began to swing, You should’ve heard those knocked out banking monkeys sing. Lets pitch, everybody, lets pitch Everybody in IBD Pitch so Rupert can get rich.

Business School and GMAT
What opportunities OUTSIDE of IB/Trading does an MBA afford you?

Lets say I've got 3-4 years of work under my belt at a BB, but don't want to put up with the hours of an associate position in IB or the uncertainty of a trading position (especially since what interests me most is corporates and vanilla CDS, which will soon go the way of equity). What other opportunities are there that still pay well, but offer some semblance of a work/life balance and some jo

Investment Banking
Great Game

Okay, let's put the prestige thing to bed. Here's the game - someone posts two competing offers, and others choose which offer they'd take. Once we have a few responses, we'll post another two offers, and so on. Here are the rules: groups don't matter, salaries and bonuses are the same, location is the same, etc., it's simply of the two offers which one would you take. So, let's hear from you all:

Resume Advice
iBO Winter Newsletter

Dear Fellow Primates, We keep getting forced to upgrade our server because too many monkeys keep eating too many bananas at once. Please update your Profiles -- we added an Industry selection to your Monkey Stats page so other monkeys can know what industry you are working in. (click on "my account" in the top left box, "edit", then "Monkey Stats") On with the announcements: #1. New Jobs. The site now has a bunch of new attractive finance positions in our Jobs section at http://www.ibankingoasis.com/jobs. All you need to do is submit your resume and you’ll be on your way to swinging from a new branch. A few recent Jobs you might want to check out: Private Equity Pre-MBA Associate â€" NYC Corporate Finance Analyst â€" NYC IB Associate â€" Chicago IB Associate, Consumer and Industrials Group â€" Chicago Top Tier Investment Banking Associate â€" NYC Real Estate Hedge Fund Analyst - Greenwich, CT …and more If you would like to post a job and reach thousands of qualified finance professionals please contact [email protected] #2. Recruiter Database. Now all you need is 10 bananas and you'll have access to some of the best recruiters for finance jobs (used to be 15 bananas). Remember, you can get 10 bananas immediately just by inviting one of your fellow monkeys sign up (all of this is free of course). If you are a recruiter and would like to be included in our Recruiter Database, please contact [email protected] #3. Face Lift. We will be giving the site a new look within the next couple of weeks so that the orange / yellow that we currently have up there won’t make your eyes bleed anymore. #4. We leave you with some poll results from the last quarter: More of you think that staring at a monitor for 18 hours a day is worse for your health than eating a bacon cheeseburger every day 24% of you said varsity athletes are better prepared for iBanking while 34% of you said they are “definitely not.” 54% of you had to work on MLK day and only 19% got the day off for President Ford’s death 24% of you had to work through the SuperBowl this year Only 16% of you will definitely make it out of work this Valentine’s Day to have dinner with your significant other…the other 80%+ better buy some nice flowers. Check out more polls like these at: http://www.ibankingoasis.com/poll Stay Strong, iBankingOasis.com Team iBankingOasis.com …Where Monkeys Come to Play Need Training? With more than 80 years of combined professional and teaching experience, Training The Street (TTS) offers state-of-the-art, instructor-led courses in financial modeling and valuation to finance professionals. Last year, TTS led live workshops at more than 30 academic institutions, including 19 of the nation's top 20 business schools. Training The Street has recently launched its eLearning initiative whereby individuals can purchase online courses. Please visit www.trainingthestreet.com for more information.

Investment Banking
Negative Connotation?

It depends on who you talk to, but I have noticed that IB is often looked down upon as " Selling your Soul"...

Investment Banking
Emaciation or Corpulence?

So, since you became an i-banker, have you gained or lost weight? The hearsay abounds; no time to eat, sleep deprivation kills the appetite, small frequent meals keeps the metabolism high and the end result is weight loss. On the flipside is: working long hours requires more fuel, more food, and an absolute disregard for what you're putting in your body. All things considered - what has ended up happening to your body?

Investment Banking
Down time - Working at a BB next year

Hey guys, I'll be working at a BB next year and have a question about downtime...it seems like even though the hours suck in banking, there's a lot of time when you're just waiting to be assigned work, waiting for corrections, feedback, etc. and not doing any real work -- for instance, look at all the current analysts we have on this board chatting all the time. My question is whether this perception is correct, and if so, can you actually do productive stuff during this time instead of just screwing around on the internet? Or isn't there any real downtime to speak of, and you have to look like you're working all the time? I'm thinking about doing stuff like reading for pleasure (real books/magazines, not cnn.com), learning a language online or on a preloaded program, etc. Is this totally out of the question, or can you get away with it?

Investment Banking
Banker Psychology

IBOers: I want to explore our motivations here, because I think it might bring clarity to readers in general. I want this to be an open-ended general conversation, so please feel free to muse. Has anyone noticed that this board's conversation often centers around discerning "the best" of whatever: the best suit brands, the best group, the right colors, the right cars, the right style, cuffed or uncuffed, ECM or DCM, product or industry. Rank these groups, these banks, these shirt styles, these schools, these types of girls.


"The WSO Investment Banking Interview Course was my main study guide and I landed the exact job I wanted, so obviously it was a great investment. The packet was excellent in helping me understand balance sheets, all that technical stuff. I went through 2 months of training afterwards at [BB bank] so I understand the packet even better (almost 100% now)...ha!"

Charles Y.
Result: Credit Risk Analyst @ JP Morgan in New York

"I had made it to 2nd and final rounds at a few PE funds, but no offer. The first interview after going through this course I made it to the final rounds and got an offer! I think WSO PE package made the difference - in fact, one of the LBO modeling tests I got in the 2nd round was almost identical to one of the 1 hour LBO ones in the package. Having that modeling practice and the confidence going into the interview is priceless.."

Matt D.
Result: Pre-MBA Associate @ MM Private Equity Fund in New York

"The HF Interview Course was instrumental in building out my knowledge of the space. Essentially a HF 101 course. Invaluable to have it all in one location and helped me transition from PE into hedge funds successfully..."

Ethan H.
Result: Analyst @ Elite Hedge Fund in NY