I am surrounded by technology. I work in technology and i've had some sort of cell phone since hanson was born. I have a PC, Blackberry, and an iPad for work and a Mac, windows phone (looks away in shame) , a kindle, and an ipod for play. Usually all of the these items are within reach, so when I want to do something simple, like google a word to check for spelling it takes a sec to pick which device I want to use. I usually go with what's within arms reach. some things work better than others depending on what I want to do so here are a few things I do to use my gadgets more effectively.

If you want to skip all the below and just take one thing from this post it's: use the right tool for the job. Use your gadgets and services more deliberately and less often to get the most out of them without looking like inspector gadget.

Task: Quick emails
For Quick Emails I always use my BB or phone I hate typing on my iPad. I don't have the smallest hands but it's still pretty hard for me to type on an iPad without reverting to the index finger method. Maybe I just need bigger hands...

Task: Longer Emails, Documents
Anything that is more than a few sentences long I revert to my Mac or PC. Even though most phones come with capability to view pdfs, and presentations etc, I need a bigger screen for these.

Task: Reading
This is the sole use for my Kindle. Even though it can do pretty much everything that my phone can do, I've relegated it to just a reading device. The standard iPad is too awkward to hold for reading and my phone is too small.

Task: Alarm Clock
My phone is my default alarm clock. No way I'm sleeping with an iPad next to me, might as well sleep with a microwave next to me the way that thing heats up sometimes.

Task: Internet Browsing
Casual browsing, i'll rely on my phone. Watching a few youtube videos on my phone works well. But watching Netflix is usually done on the ipad or Mac.

Task: Music
Now this is where I'm a bit of a traditionalist. I've held onto my ipod like a Dungeon Master holds on to their virginity even though I could very easily use any one of my other devices in its place. And for most people that works just fine. But I like my nano and so it shall be.

I'm still working out the best way to compartmentalize all my gadgets, and in all honesty I really should consolidate some of this stuff. And when it comes down to it, I'll always use what's most convenient and requires the least amount of movement. But for now I'll continue to practice what I preach... How do you manage all your tech?

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Devices: iPhone 5 (personal), Samsung GSIII (work), iPad (personal), iMac (personal), Thinkpad (work)

Personal Emails: iMac if at home, iPhone if at work

Work Emails: Work laptop if at work, GSIII if there is no other way (I hate typing on it...)

Reading: iPad / GSIII. Considering getting a Kindle but not convinced yet.

Alarm Clock: iPhone & GSIII & actual clock (I suck at waking up)

Internet Browsing: All devices depending on location

Music: iPhone all day long


Reading: iPad / GSIII. Considering getting a Kindle but not convinced yet.

Ordered a Kindle Fire HD a few months ago and it is great for reading on. Also, picked up a $5 microHD to HDMI cable and I can easily hook up the Kindle to any TV and stream my Amazon Prime videos. I have an iPad also and that does pretty much everything else better, but the Kindle is a huge pickup and I don't have to buy an Apple TV to get it on a HD TV. Definitely worth it.

This to all my hatin' folks seeing me getting guac right now..


I use a bic round grip stic fine black and a mechanical pencil number .7 for notes i also carry a eraser on my pencil that i a pumpkin that i got while trickery treating on halloween


I can't believe you guys are into Apple products haha, those things are kids toys



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