Are you “less ambitious” for having long term goals outside of NYC

Was having a debate with someone about the title topic. We’re both analysts in NYC and I said I see a lot of growth in the southeast and would want to work for a fund in the region after my IBD analyst years. He immediately dismissed it saying that if you’re not pursuing MFPE in NYC it’s a terrible opportunity and looked down upon it and said “I guess I just have more ambitious goals than you do.” Is this complete bullshit or am I not seeing something from a different perspective?


Looking to do the same thing after my analyst stint. What cities are people going to in the Southeast? What are the career opportunities like?


His point is likely that MFPE will likely open more doors than a LMM PE shop in Atlanta. I love the southeast as much as the next guy, but this is objectively true. If your acoustic friend wants to pursue a F500 CEO job, then MFPE is the better path. If you just want a chill PE life, then you’re on the better path. That doesn’t mean your income is “limited”, but your income delta will move lower in comparison to your friend.


Yeah his argument was that working at a MF in NYC vs a $10-20BB fund in the southeast allows for faster upward mobility. Just pissed me off that somebody can call the latter path less ambitious just bc of a dollar amount and position title


Why do you say acoustic? Why? Because everyone ok Tiktok says it? Because it’s a trend?

If you’re going to make a joke about autistic people you might as well call them that.


Ah yes, be sure to make all important life decisions based on weird comments from analysts who made their whole life personality about being a finance bro.

I mean, OP seems to be an analyst whose whole life is about being a finance bro.  He just thinks that his life as a finance bro might have merit outside of NYC.  So this other idiot is actually a pretty good person to take advice from!


As much as I love NYC . .

It’s actually less ambitious for someone to build their goals in a basic and formulaic way (“NYC is the pinnacle of finance so where else would I go”) than to do it your way.  You consider how the landscape is changing and are taking a calculated bet on where the best opportunity might be.  Way more ambitious than your colleague who hasn’t even taken much time to think about his path it seems.


I ofc think he's a dumbass but tbf, MFPE asso stint isn't necessarily a LT goal lol, many still treat it as a preparatory springboard phase like the IB analyst stint. PE associates have LT goals beyond that stint. But yea, this guy is a dumbass. What a narrow-minded worldview, I'm cringing so hard at him.


Ambition is a personality trait not a geographic location. NYC is a symbol of ambition. I think this other person is confusing the symbol for ambition its self. 


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