Want 9% More Pay? Hit the Gym

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We all know that some measures tied to pay are completely out of the control for even the hardest working analysts. Even in our somewhat meritocratic workplaces, its been observed that taller people get paid more. I also understand that there is definitely a "beauty premium" on both Main and Wall Street. I mean, who wouldn't pay a little extra to work with a tall and handsome lad like myself?

The story line has always been that endowed genetics enhances your paycheck, but is there anything that the unfortunate can do to boost their pay?

Just talk to Dr. Kosteas from Cleveland State University, who claims there actually is something we can all start doing today to see extra pennies in our paychecks tomorrow. According to Kosteas, exercising regularly can boost your pay anywhere from 6 to 9%, which should be more than enough to offset the cost of a decent gym membership.

Apparently it's not that you have to be fit or muscular by any means, since Kosteas controlled for all types of Body Mass Indexes (BMI) in his research. Kosteas central claim is that by de-stressing, increasing focus and productivity, a regular gym goer gains just enough of an edge to break into the top bucket come bonus season. Sounds easy enough, right? Not exactly.

At least for me, the question remains; how in the world do you exercise regularly when working 80-100 hours a week?