Best Corporate Finance Companies to Work For

Companies that offer great growth opportunities, considerable salaries, and benefits.

Author: Himanshu Singh
Himanshu Singh
Himanshu Singh
Investment Banking | Private Equity

Prior to joining UBS as an Investment Banker, Himanshu worked as an Investment Associate for Exin Capital Partners Limited, participating in all aspects of the investment process, including identifying new investment opportunities, detailed due diligence, financial modeling & LBO valuation and presenting investment recommendations internally.

Himanshu holds an MBA in Finance from the Indian Institute of Management and a Bachelor of Engineering from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology.

Reviewed By: David Bickerton
David Bickerton
David Bickerton
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Previously a Portfolio Manager for MDH Investment Management, David has been with the firm for nearly a decade, serving as President since 2015. He has extensive experience in wealth management, investments and portfolio management.

David holds a BS from Miami University in Finance.

Last Updated:May 1, 2024

What Are The Best Corporate Finance Companies To Work For?

The best corporate finance companies to work for are those that offer great growth opportunities, considerable salaries, and benefits.

Corporate finance companies are those who offer financial advisory services to businesses and corporations. These companies provide clients with professional help in forming and executing strategic decisions about

  • Capital allocation
  • Assessing risk/return trade-offs
  • Managing risk/return trade-offs, and
  • Optimizing financial performance.

There are many job opportunities in the financial sector, including those with commercial and investment banks, insurance businesses, and mortgage lenders.

New graduates are ambitious and want to land jobs at big, high-level finance companies. In addition, experienced individuals consider the next career journey by comparing those companies.

These companies are among the finest places for finance professionals to work, even though many of the professions have a reputation for demanding long hours and little work-life balance.

However, a new generation of finance companies is overcoming this stigma in the constantly shifting environment. 

Today, the finest finance firms to work for are those that reward staff with outstanding perks, a sizable salary, high job satisfaction, and low stress.

  • The best corporate companies to work in prioritize employee satisfaction and recognition as key aspects of their organizational culture.
  • These companies often have programs and initiatives in place to acknowledge and reward employee contributions, such as employee of the month awards, performance bonuses, and career development opportunities.
  • Top corporate companies emphasize the importance of work-life balance and offer flexible work arrangements to accommodate employees' personal and professional needs.
  • Corporate companies with strong company culture and values foster a positive work environment where employees feel engaged, motivated, and aligned with the organization's mission and goals.

Best Corporate Finance Companies to Work For: Johnson Financial Group

Financial services offered by Johnson Financial Group include banking, wealth management, and insurance. Through more than 30 locations in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

The Johnson Financial Group offers management services for individuals and families and institutional advisory services for public and private foundations. 

Services also include a full range of banking services, including wealth, mortgage, leasing, consumer and commercial banking, and insurance services.

Industry: Insurance and Financial Services

Johnson Financial Group Values: Ethics and IntegrityFamily and Community, Dignity of all people, and Focus on our customers.

According to the Company: 

  • 80% of employees have adopted working remotely while serving customers without disruption.
  • 92% of associates expressed gratitude towards the Company
  • 86%- of employees have not quit their jobs, and the average amount of time that employees have been working in this company is years.

Furthermore, the Company encourages employees to contribute to the community through volunteer work.

According to Glassdoor:

Employee Job Satisfaction is 70%

Employee Positives:

  • Supportive Culture
  • Small Organization (1,100 employees)
  • Great Benefits Package
  • Variety of Income Streams
  • A great deal of flexibility and opportunities

Johnson Financial Group is one of the greatest financial firms to work for because it supports, encourages, tests, and empowers its employees. Likewise, new graduates are attracted to its supportive culture.

According to the Employee's survey (Great Place to Work), Johnson Financial Group's most popular benefit is the pension, which offers employee well-being (dental and health insurance).

Johnson Financial Group provides:

  • Competitive health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Retirement savings plan with company match
  • Paid time off (birthday)
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Health club subsidy
  • Adoption assistance paid parental leave
  • Free and disclosed banking services (Johnson Financial Group, 2022).

In addition, they describe the Company as collaborative, ethical, family, integrity, and professional.

The Company was awarded "Top Workplace "in 2022 and 2021 USA, plus this award for the financial industry. The hiring process usually takes 3-4 weeks. Start with an application, followed by a phone interview, and if the Employee passes, do an interview with the manager.


Leading international investment firms manage investment funds on behalf of pension funds, significant organizations, and private individuals.

The business has branches in America (San Francisco, Baltimore, Cambridge, and Houston, etc.), Europe (London, Dublin, Frankfurt, Milan, and more), and Asia (Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo, and more). 

Blackstone concentrates its investments in public debt and equities, real estate, hedge funds, private equity, credit, secondary funds of funds, and multi-asset class strategies.

Industry: Investment and financial service

Blackstone's principles are:

  • Accountability
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Entrepreneurship

The Company targets to hire employees who have talent, respect, and towards success. Blackstone's most valuable asset is people who are skilled problem solvers and take challenges.

When employees work at Blackstone, they are encouraged to think independently and rewarded for initiative by receiving new skills, training, and mentoring for professionals.

Recent Awards: Blackstone was rated 100% on the Human Rights Campaign's Corporate Equality Index, making it one of the "BEST PLACES TO WORK" for LGBTQ+Equality by HUMAN RIGHTS CAMPAIGN FOUNDATION 2022.

According to LinkedIn, Blackstone ranked first in this category. Compared to other financial service companies, the company invests in the Employees' talent and helps set them up for long-term success.

LinkedIn used the following factors in the survey.

  • Ability to advance
  • Skills growth
  • Company stability
  • External opportunity
  • Company affinity-natural understanding
  • Gender diversity
  • Educational background

Blackstone's tighter-knit cultures, defined values, and opportunities for career growth put the Company in second place.

The company size: 2594 employees (in 2019)

Employee Satisfaction: 88% according to Great Place to Work, 2021 Global Employee Engagement Study.

Employee's responses include

  • Our customers would rate the service we deliver - As excellent
  • Management is competent, honest, and ethical in its business practices
  • Responsibility
  • Employees would like to take extra jobs

Employees' responses include the words "culture, people, and growth" to describe their reasons for working in this Company.

Over 500 people (who work at the Company, worked, interviewed, or filled out the job application) reviewed Blackstone on Glassdoor.

They gave higher ratings for

  • Great culture and highly skilled workforce
  • Competitive compensation with great coworkers
  • Top-notch leadership motivated coworkers
  • Collaborative environment and work/life balance

The overall rating is 4.2 out of 5. Seventy percent of employees would recommend working at Blackstone to a friend, and 84 percent of respondents have a positive outlook for the business. In addition, the rating has increased from the previous year.

The candidates are selected for a video interview with Blackstone members, followed by a face-to-face meeting.

Citadel Securities

Citadel Securities is an asset management organization that acts as a broker-dealer (trading firm) on behalf of individuals and institutions. Its goal is to establish the world's most equitable, open, and transparent markets.

Furthermore, the Company provides liquidity to market participants (asset managers, brokers, dealers, and government agencies). The Company runs a business in America, Europe, and Asia.

Industry: Financial Service

Company Size: 501-1000 employees

Citadel Securities brings together the brightest minds across mathematics, engineering, finance, and beyond to solve the market's most critical challenges.


  • Integrity: Accountable
  • Winning: Constantly improving and committed to thinking and out-executing competitors.
  • Meritocracy: Empower and reward team members who deliver results and career opportunities by consistently making career and compensation decisions based on merit.
  • Learning: Citadel securities is driven by a thirst for knowledge, supports employees to learn from each other, and is inspired by thinkers worldwide.
  • Extraordinary Colleagues and Mutuality

Citadel Securities ranked in second place on Top Companies 2022: Financial Services according to Linkedin by providing flexible career paths with fellowship and learning opportunities across various fields (quantitative research, engineering, and market trading).

Employee's review in Indeed, the following categories have been ordered high.

  • Work-Life Balance
  • Pay & Benefits
  • Job Security and Advancement
  • Management
  • Culture

The diversity score is 87. Citadel Securities ranked #2 on LinkedIn, highlighting that the Company provides industry-leading career opportunities for its employees.

Over 160 employees of current employment are PhDs, including more than 60% of our quantitative researchers, 32 international Math, Informatics, and Physics Olympiad winners, and Putnam Fellows. 

Moreover, one in four employees is a published author. More than 35 languages are spoken at Citadel Securities.

As part of company culture. Citadel securities' contributed to the public:

  • Delivered to Wuhan, China, over +17 tons of aid via U.S State Department mission flights
  • Funded vaccine development through the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI)
  • $40M to support the launch of The Asian American Foundation
  • $4.5M meals provided through the Greater Chicago Food Depository
  • $50M committed to COVID relief and recovery

Rocket Companies

FinTech company, which is located in Detroit, provides personal finances and consumer technology. 

Rocket Mortgage, Rocket Homes, Rocket Auto, Rocket Loans, Rocket Solar, and Rocket Money are available to assist clients in realizing their goals of homeownership and financial independence.

The companies offer reliable, quick, and easy-to-use digital solutions for difficult transactions. For 19 years running, the business has been listed among FORTUNE's "100 Best Companies to Work For."

Industry: real estate, mortgage, and e-commerce

Rocket companies focus on diversity, inclusion, and equity to build the best solutions for the future. They are also committed to fostering an inclusive environment built on open doors, open minds, and open culture.

According to the survey provider, Great Place to Work, 95% of employees who participated in the questionnaire say this is a great place to work.

Other aspects include:

  • 98% of the time, you are made to feel welcome when you join the Company.
  • 97% of respondents said they have the tools and resources they need for their jobs.
  • 97% are happy with how they give back to the community 
  • 96% are happy with how the facilities create a positive work atmosphere,
  • 96% are allowed to take time off when needed.

The following comments of employees describe Rocket Companies: Culture team, people, members, benefits, and amazing.

In regards to culture, it is based on 20 philosophies (ISMs). Examples:

  • Always raising our level of awareness
  • Obsessed with finding a better way
  • Yes before No
  • You will see it when you believe it
  • Ignore the noise
  • We are "they."
  • We will figure it out and more

Working at Rocket Companies means:

  • Able to enjoy a hybrid work model to have time to focus at home and time to collaborate in the office
  • Able to use new collaboration rooms (remotely)
  • Contribute the community
  • Show to support the LGBT+ community
  • Support Dogs in the Office

Former Employees have given compliments to the Rocket Companies as the best training and coaching on Indeed. Employees assessed work/life balance, compensation and benefits, job security and advancement, management, and culture highly.

Moelis & Company

Moelis is a top investment company led by Ken Moelis, providing confidential, unconflicted, and strategic advice to clients worldwide. 

The Company provides financial advisory services to corporations, governments, and financial sponsors ranging from:

  • M&A
  • Divestitures and spin-offs
  • Joint ventures
  • Fairness opinions and shareholder advisory, besides strategic alternatives, assess potential acquirers and targets and provide valuation analysis.

Present in 21 locations. 

By offering career paths, the Company hopes to develop an inclusive culture that encourages all employees to share opinions and perspectives while achieving personal success and contributing to the team, as well as a workforce that is representative of its diverse range of clients.

Recruitment Partnership and Development Programs:

  • Leadership Diversity Program
  • Us Rise Above Fellowship
  • Moelis Experience Programs
  • Veterans/Military Program
  • Corporate Partnership with Morehouse College
  • Corporate Partnership with BLK Capital Management Group
  • Corporate Partnership without 4 Undergrad
  • Continuing Development

The company size: up to 1000 employees.

Additionally, Moelis & Company offers Employee Network Opportunities for relationship-building and idea-sharing among staff members who belong to firm-sourced groups.

The association also aims to foster professional growth and build a framework for idea-sharing and worldwide connectivity.

Sponsored Employee Network:

  • Asian & Allies
  • Black and African American & Allies
  • Latino and Hispanic & Allies and more

Moelis & Company was listed in first place for employee satisfaction in 2021 on Firsthand.

Employees have reviewed the following:

  1. Quality of life: Comfortable managing fast-paced environment work tasks. The Company provides a balance between work and life even if the employees are busy; Collaborative workplace. 
    • Moelis initiates facilities to improve work/life balance and employees' quality of life.
  2. Compensation: Employees responded that the compensation package was competitive and appropriate.
  3. Career Development: Employees reviewed that it is a great company to grow and gain experience from real-life projects, formal programs, and informal internships. 
  4. Community Engagement
  5. Business Outlook
  6. Intern Experience: The former intern evaluated that the Company's internship program provided real job experience and acted as an "Analyst."
  7. Wellness: Comprehensive health and wellness programs such as counseling, zoom webinars on mental health, mindful apps, financial allowances for health and wellness investment-healthy meals, and behavioral health access.

Therefore, the company hiring process starts with a job application followed by a phone interview. Interview questions involve knowledge, and technical questions involve market dynamics, industry, and differences.

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