Where can I find some of the best discussions on corporate careers?

Click here for our Corporate Career forums. It is where we discuss the industry as well as different firms and groups.

These are a collection of some of the best discussions created for and replied to by members of the WSO community on the topic of Corporate Careers (including Corporate Development, Strategy, and more) . Keep in mind this is by no means a comprehensive list and reading old and current posts will help you learn more about the industry. If you think we missed one that should be included here, please e-mail [email protected] the request.

Q&A & Interview posts with corporate finance professionals:

See the full list of Q&A's & Interviews here: here.

Is Corporate Development or Strategy right for me?

-Corp Dev vs. I-Banking: This thread discusses corporate development, but make sure to pay attention to Monkey Island's examination of the difference between corp dev and investment banking

-Corp Dev vs. Corp Treasury: WallStreetOasis users give guidance on the difference between the corporate development and treasury department

Getting A Job

-Careers: This thread was made to focus on careers available to "B+ students"

-Leadership Development Programs: WSO Certified User dublin shares a list of leadership development programs at F500 firms, which long-time user judowned adds a good amount to

Other Corporate Roles

Life in a Corporate Career

Compensation (F-500): Users discuss the possible compensation packaged of the executives and senior leaderships at F500 companies, please note, however, that compensation and titles differ from firm to firm


-Corporation Careers (Undergraduate): WSO users try to come up with a list of firms that hire undergrads into their corporate development and strategy departments

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