List of FT Financial Leadership Development Programs, and other such things

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Hey everyone,

In thanks for all of the valuable info and advice I've gotten from WSO over the last couple years, I thought I'd 'pay it forward' and share the list I made of FT FLDP-type programs that I applied to (or seriously thought about applying to) during my senior year. I know several people in the past, myself included, have wanted to know about programs other than the usual GE, Lockheed, etc, but no list ever turned up, so I went ahead and did the research to find out.

Here's the link:
A few notes:

a) The way I went about finding these programs was by going to the careers site of every company in the Fortune 300 and looking for them. A few may have come from other sources too.

b) This list was created in summer/fall of 2009, so of course some of this information may have changed since then.

c) I found many more programs than this during my search, but unfortunately I no longer have a comprehensive list, so this is only the ones I considered more seriously. There are plenty more programs, including some really great ones at top companies that for one reason or another I didn't consider. If you're really interested, I'd recommend further investigation.

d) A few of these programs are not F300, and some are also not exactly the same as an FLDP, but if not, they're other things I found that were interesting enough to apply to, so it might be worth taking a look.

Hope it helps someone out there - let me know if you have any questions.


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Aug 1, 2010

Great post man. How the Hell do you award a Silver Banana on this site??

Aug 1, 2010


This is a fantastic contribution. These programs are typically a top choice for students looking to go into industry.

Aug 1, 2010

Thanks guys - what comes around goes around I guess.

Another note - I stopped at #300 because I had found what seemed like enough programs for me to apply to. Obviously, #s 301-500 are likely to have good programs as well, so by all means search those too.

Aug 2, 2010

Hey nice work. I was wondering if anyone has started to make a similar list with the HR department email and phone numbers. I would love to call up some the HR people and get more info on their programs.

Apr 14, 2011

Bumping this, great resource and a new thread was just made for it

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Apr 14, 2011

Here is a list I went through during my recruiting. It is not 100% accurate now and they are not all FLDP's but it is worth a look.

3M's Development Programs
ABB's Global Trainee Programs
Abbott's Professional Development Programs
adidas AG's Functional Trainee Program
Aetna's Actuarial Training Program
Aetna's Sales Professional Group School Training Program
AIG's Development Programs
Alcatel-Lucent's Training Programs and Co-ops
Allstate's Life Actuarial Career Program
AT&T's Development Programs
Aon's Early Career Development Program
Avaya's Sales Development Program
Avery's Finance Leadership Development Program
Bank of America's Development Programs
o Finance Management Associate Program
o Corporate Audit Rotational Program
o Global Risk Management Associate Program
o Global Commercial Banking and Global Product Solutions Analyst Program
Bank of New York Mellon Corporation's IT Leadership Development Program
Bloomberg's Leadership Development Program
Boeing's Development Programs
Cardinal Health's Rotational Programs
Chevron Training and Career Development Programs
CIGNA's Development Programs
Citigroup's Corporate Training Programs
Colgate-Palmolive Company's Development Programs
ConocoPhillips' Career Development Opportunities
Countrywide's Associate Development Program
Cushman & Wakefield's Career Development Program
Dow's Career Development Programs
DuPont's Career Development Programs
Eaton's Leadership Development Programs
Enterprise Rent-a-Car's Management Training Program
Ford's Career Development Programs
Gap Inc. Career Development Programs
GEICO Leadership Development Programs
General Electric Leadership Development Programs
Genentech Career Development Programs
Genworth Financial Early Career Development Programs
GlaxoSmithKline's Undergraduate Career Programs
Goodyear's finance development programs
Hilton's Leader-in-Training Program
Home Depot Leadership Programs
Honeywell's Rotational Development Program
HSBC's Development Programs
IBM's Career Development Programs
Intel's Rotational Programs
International Paper Company's Sales Core Training Program
Intuit's Rotational Development Program - Small Business Division
Intuit's Rotational Development Program - Finance & Operations
John Deere's finance development program
John Deere's IT Development Program
Marketing Representative Development Program
Medtronic's Leadership Development Rotational Program
Johnson and Johnson's Leadership Development Programs
JP Morgan's Corporate Programs
Liberty Mutual's Undergraduate Development Programs
Lockheed Martin's Leadership Development Programs
L'Oreal's Entry Management Program
Macy's Training Programs
Marriot's Management Training Program
McKesson Finance Rotational Development Program
Merck and Company's Rotational Programs
MetLife's Career Programs
M & T Bank's Management Training Programs
Microsoft's Academy of College Hires Development Program
NBC Universal's Early Career Programs
Neilson Media's Emerging Leaders Programs
Nestle's Development Programs
New York Life's Actuarial Training Program
Nike's Development Programs
Northrop Grumman's Rotational Programs
Oracle's Training and Development Program
Pepsi Bottling Group's Sales Development Program and Operations Development Program
Pratt and Whitney's Development Programs
Quad Graphic's Training Programs
Random House Publications' Associates Program
Raytheon's Leadership Development Programs
Region's Management Associate Program
Ruder Finn's Executive Training Program
Safeway's Training Programs
Sak's Executive Excellence Program
Sears' Full Time Undergraduate Programs
Sheraton's Management Training Program
Simon and Schuster's Associates Program
Sprint's New College Hire Development Program
Time Warner's Career Development Programs
Thomas Reuters' Full-Time Programs
Traveler's Developmental Programs
Turner's Trainee Team Program
TJX's Corporate Merchandise Training Program
UBS's Career Development Programs
Vanguard's Specialty Developmental Programs
Verizon's Telecom Development Programs
Walgreen's Management Training Programs
WellPoint's Undergraduate Programs

Oct 15, 2017
Apr 14, 2011

Damn, great list man, thanks!

Apr 15, 2011

I wonder if you guys have like the contact details of the hr companies. their email addresses would do. seems like you get a better chance if you email them.

thank you!

Feb 13, 2012

Amazing list

Jun 15, 2012

posting to save for later

Jun 17, 2012
Jul 8, 2013

Ill join as well.

Jul 9, 2013

Does anyone have a newer/more accurate list? If not, I might create one and post it here soon-ish

Jul 13, 2013

Does anyone have a newer/more accurate list? If not, I might create one and post it here soon-ish

Would appreciate something like that too

Jul 6, 2015

@kinghongkong You ever end up making that list?

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Nov 13, 2015

Great List... Thanks

May 20, 2016

Anyone know if you have to be coming out of undergrad to apply to most of these, or will they accept candidates with a few years of work experience? Thanks, all. And thanks for the great list.

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May 6, 2020