Where can I find some of the best discussions on equity research?

Click here for our Equity Research forums. It is where we discuss the industry as well as different firms and groups.

These are a collection of some of the best discussions created for and replied to by members of the WSO community on the topic of equity research. Keep in mind this is by no means a comprehensive list and reading old and current posts will help you learn more about the industry. If you think we missed one that should be included here, please e-mail [email protected] the request.

Q&A & Interview posts with ER professionals:

See the full list of Q&A's & Interviews here: here.

Is Equity Research Right for Me?

-Here is How Equity Research Works: An ER Associate explains the ins and outs of how equity research works.

-Equity Research Fit: A new user asks about moving to equity research straight out of undergrad and receives good advice on the equity research industry and what traits make a good research associate

-Research Respect: WSO users discuss why research gets so little respect on Wall Street and give a glimpse into the good and bad of equity research

Getting A Job

-Certifications: This discussion focuses on the Series 7, Series 66, and other regulatory exams and why you shouldn't get them while in school. And here is another great discussion on the Series 86 and Series 87 exams

CFA Level I: A law school student with a deferred job offer asks about taking the CFA to break into the industry

-Best MBA Programs: WSO users discuss the best MBA programs for equity research

-Interviews: This thread spotlights interviews at equity research firms and how they vary greatly based on the firm and analyst

-Recruiting / Firm Testing: A new user going through the written test phase of recruiting gets advice on what the test might cover for a prospective equity research associate

Life in Equity Research

-Compensation: WSO users share information onequity research compensation and career path, as well as a number of other topics

-Compensation (Experienced): This discussion centers on the expected compensation for an experienced, first year equity research associate as well as ways to move to different divisions at a bulge bracket bank

-Equity Research FAQ: WSO users create a list of frequently asked questions about the realities of a career in equity research

-Life in Equity Research: Certified User The_Inscrutable_Chicken takes a number of questions and gives insight into life in equity research

-Life in Equity Research: A former hedge fund portfolio manager, partner, and strategist who is currently a strategist at a sell-side research firm answers questions regarding the career paths and life in equity research, as well as his take on the sell-side vs. the buy-side

-Future of Equity Research: WSO users discuss the future of equity research and the job market for recent graduates

Equity Research Firms

-Bulge Bracket vs. Boutique: A discussion on the top equity research firms turns into a discussion on bulge bracket vs. boutique equity research firms

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