Where can I find some of the best discussions on private equity?

Click here for our Private Equity forums. It is where we discuss the industry as well as different firms and groups.

These are a collection of some of the best discussions created for and replied to by members of the WSO community on the topic of Private Equity. Keep in mind this is by no means a comprehensive list and reading old and current posts will help you learn more about the industry. If you think we missed one that should be included here, please e-mail [email protected] the request.

Q&A & Interview posts with PE professionals:

See the full list of Q&A's & Interviews here: here.

Is Private Equity Right For Me?

-Banking vs Private Equity: BananaStand starts a discussion on moving back to investment banking, the sell side, with WSO users chiming in on the process and reasons for the move

Primer on Private Equity:A primer on theprivate equity agency business.

Getting a Job

-Breaking In: Certified User CompBanker offers advice on moving to private equity, the buy side, which turns into a strong Q&A session

-Breaking In (MBA): This discussion focuses on how to break into private equity, post-MBA, and where to look for these jobs

-CFA in PE: This thread discusses the benefits of the CFA, or Chartered Financial Analyst, in private equity recruiting

-Degrees: Blueadams asks which is the best non-MBA masters program for private equity, with a number of users giving advice

-Interview Question: WSO users discuss a PE interview question, "If you can only know 3 things in an analysis?"

-Interviews: RansomMonkey shares his thoughts on private equity analyst interview

-Recruiting Season: This starts as a discussion about 2011 private equity recruiting, but turns into a discussion on the merits of private equity and the lifestyles of people at different types of firms

Life in Private Equity

-Compensation: This thread focuses on how much private equity analysts or associates make in compensation after jumping to the buy-side

-Life in PE: 10xleverage, a former analyst for Morgan Stanley M&A and KKR, takes the time to answer a diverse array of questions about private equity from WSO users

-Life in PE: A number of WSO users and Certified Users discuss their interest, or lack thereof, in their private equity careers

-Middle Market vs Megafund: A candid, interesting, and informative conversation on all aspects of life in private equity

-People: Certified user ke18sb starts a discussion on whether or not people from a "WASP" background in private equity are at an advantage

Private Equity Firms

-Assets Under Management (AUM): Despite the large amounts of monkey poo, a number of WSO users participate in a great discussion on how to define a firm's assets under management. Note that the definition of AUM isn't set in stone

-Megafund Sweatshop: WSO users discuss the hours worked by megafund private equity analysts

-Real Estate Private Equity: This thread touches on the realities of the future of the real estate private equity industry

-Small Firms: WSO users discuss the day-to-day for a private equity analyst or associate at a small firm

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