Big 4/MBB Reality Check - Am I cooked?

Summary of Me:
• Senior at non-target with 3.0-3.3 GPA
• Majoring in Finance with decent club involvement with 1 leadership role
• Previous internships as a analyst at a search fund and an accounting intern at a small law firm
• Have solid connections at some of the Big4

I have only recently became aware of consulting last summer and have decided to really grind towards making this my career path. I am currently applying for fall cycle internships and also plan to apply for new grad roles. Mainly I want to know if this is worth the expected effort I am about to put in. I am will to lock in for the next year to make this a possibility. I am solid connections to a former KPMG manager, a current EY manager, and a few Deloitte associates. I will be mainly perusing M&A advisory and tech-related roles to leverage my experiences and education.

- How cooked am I: Before I lock myself in a dungeon to grind case interviews how doable do y’all think this will be? Am I just wasting my time?
- Where do I even start: As for case interviews where do I even start? I haven’t done a single one so I am a bit lost.
- Apart from upping my GPA and networking, what should I be doing to stand out and give myself a better chance at succeeding?
- If I ever want to stand a chance at giving MBB, should I get a masters and will that reset my GPA?
- Would getting a designation help my chances at all?
- What are my chances at getting into boutiques like Capco or Accenture?

I would greatly appreciate any insights or tips given. Also feel free to grill me. Gotta improve somehow


Based on the most helpful WSO content, here's a strategic approach to your situation:

  1. Assessing Your Chances: With a GPA between 3.0-3.3 from a non-target school, breaking into Big 4 or MBB will be challenging but not impossible. Your solid connections within Big 4 can be a significant advantage. Leveraging these connections effectively can open doors that might otherwise be closed due to your academic background.

  2. Starting with Case Interviews: Since you're new to case interviews, begin by familiarizing yourself with the format. Resources like WSO's Consulting Case Interview Prep can be invaluable. Consider investing in books like "Case in Point" by Marc Cosentino or "Crack the Case System" by David Ohrvall. Practicing with peers or mentors who have consulting experience can also be highly beneficial.

  3. Enhancing Your Profile: Beyond improving your GPA and networking:

    • Leadership and Impact: Increase your involvement in clubs or groups where you can take on more significant leadership roles or start impactful initiatives.
    • Relevant Skills: Depending on the specific area in consulting you're interested in (e.g., M&A advisory, tech), gaining relevant technical skills or certifications (like SQL for tech consulting) can make you a more attractive candidate.
    • Internships: Continue to seek out internships that align more closely with consulting to build relevant experience.
  4. Considering a Master's Degree: Pursuing a master's degree can be a strategic move, especially if it's from a target school. This could not only "reset" your academic record in the eyes of recruiters but also expand your network significantly. Ensure the program is well-regarded in the consulting industry.

  5. Professional Designations: While not always necessary for consulting, certain designations like CFA or PMP can be beneficial, particularly in specialized areas like financial advisory services within the Big 4.

  6. Opportunities at Boutique Firms: Firms like Capco and Accenture are more accessible than MBB and can be excellent places to start your consulting career. Your chances here are likely higher, especially with relevant internships and strong networking.

  7. Action Plan:

    • Short-term: Focus on securing a relevant internship, begin case interview prep, and enhance your leadership roles.
    • Mid-term: Evaluate the feedback from applications and interviews to adjust your strategy. Consider a master's program if necessary.
    • Long-term: Continue building your professional network and gaining relevant experience, possibly aiming for a transition to MBB or a top-tier firm after gaining more experience or completing a graduate degree.

Remember, persistence and continuous improvement are key in the highly competitive field of consulting. Keep seeking feedback and refining your approach.

Sources: Capital One Business Analyst vs. Accenture Analyst for future application to M7,,, Boutique IB is a lie -- Experience Rant,

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