Looking to move into strategy consulting

Hi all,

Currently thinking about moving into consulting from my current role in strategy & analytics at a bank. However, not fully certain what level I should be targeting and how likely my odds are for MBB/EYP/S&/Similar type firms.

About me:
•2020 Grad from target (HWS) with an industrial engineering-esque major
•~15mo post-grad in a data science role at a bank working in an internal advisory group
•~7mo working as a strategy & analytics manager for what was a small fintech startup that was then acquired by a large consumer bank
•Primary day to day job entails lots of Excel/SQL/Python as well as managing relationships with third party clients. Overarching responsibility is to help create and evaluate new or existing strategies for our product and present findings to our leadership.

Truthfully, I don't mind my current role, but I'm simply bored out of my mind. Post-acquisition it seems that many in my org just don't care as much and things have slowed down noticeably. I also just don't see the path forward for advancement that may have existed before. As a result I've somewhat decided I'd like to dive into consulting (obviously with much more thought put into it than that) as I have a few friends in that world that have said it seems like a good fit for me.

However, I'm not really sure what level I should be looking for. BA/Associate roles seem to be catered towards new grads, while the consultant/post-mba level looks to be out of reach at the better firms. Does anyone have some insight into what Roles I should be looking for, or am I going to need to eat the significant paycut to start over as a BA (currently at ~165k TC). I would really like to be challenged again by my work and I am fine with a lateral/decrease pay-wise to get it.

Thanks In advance for any help.

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Jul 2, 2022 - 7:42pm
Blue9, what's your opinion? Comment below:

You'll probably be starting off again as BA for T2 firms. You definitely will if you shoot for MBB. You might be able to go in as a senior at boutiques.

Personally, I'd take the hit on title and pay and start fresh. Industry strategy is levels below consulting and you'll want all the slack you can get as you learn for the first year. Plus, 2 years isn't really much when you'll be working 60+ anyway.

Jul 4, 2022 - 9:09am
Angus Macgyver, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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