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Received an offer to Mckinsey in a NA office for BA for a regional office. However, my SO will be living in a large city (NY/SF) (didn't know this when I applied). Should I risk asking recruiters if my BA offer could be switched to the location my SO will be living in? Would that reflect poorly on me however, as it shows I prefer another location to the one I received my offer in? 

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Sep 29, 2022 - 8:33pm
parmesan123123, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I don't think the chances of success are too high, but it's worth a try. Imagine an office invests all the time interviewing you only for you to get the offer and say "actually, I want to work for the _____" office. Especially the NY/SF offices- their 'most competitive' offices- it is much harder to switch into the city than out of the city. At my MBB (Not M), it is definitely easier to switch into a regional office than to switch to a big city. 

Some reasons I have seen/heard for an office switch are:

1. Interned at firm X, asked to switch and got rejected, so got an offer at competitor firm Y in the desired location, and used that as leverage to get firm X to let you switch

2. Interned at firm X, performed well, and applied to switch during/after internship

3. Worked with senior person at office Y, got them to let you switch

4. SO is moving to city Y, and you've been there for a while

5. You go to MBA and return at a different office

6. You switch to an office that has high need (a new office)

The SO reason is valid, but my worry is the timing, in that you just got the offer. It sounds like an "apply to the easier office to get in then transfer right away" excuse.

But I do think it's worth a shot if you really want to switch. It won't hurt your reputation long-term if you just reach out to HR,.

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Sep 29, 2022 - 10:47pm

Yea it's a tough call, because I really don't wanna be away from my SO for 2 years but also don't want to harm my reputation - and also I really like the regional city I got the offer in as well. If I reach out to just HR, do you think they would tell the partners as well that interviewed me - or would they just keep it to themselves? In addition my SO and I aren't married yet (but we are engaged) - would that make it less likely?

Anyone know what's the earliest to transfer McK offices (I.e. one year, two year, etc)?

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Oct 2, 2022 - 10:54am

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