Reapplying to MBB a year later? (College grad)

Made it to final round at one of the MBB (rejected after fumbling a section), waitlisted at another. Current senior undergrad in at a target school. I had a return offer from a different consulting firm and because I was running out of time on the offer, I had to sign it before I could finish the recruitment process at other firms. Sort of at a loss here... I'm starting to really regret signing my full-time offer. It really sucks because I want to be happy and worry-free after accepting a full-time offer in my final year of college.

Do people typically apply for starting positions at MBB one year after college graduation? What are the odds for re-applicants? I feel like I have a strong resume/experiences, so what should I be doing to strengthen my chances of even getting interviews again next year? Thank you so much...

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kindheartedconsultant, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I've only seen that happen and work once. Typically they'd lateral over after a couple of years or get an MBA and lateral over. 1 YOE is not enough to prove, unless you have absolute top-bucket ratings. And the one time I did see it happen was during the massive hiring boom about a year ago.

Remember, always be kind-hearted.
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It was super common last year up until this spring. Lots of people moved from T2 or below or even from non-consulting. I had a friend get final rounds at two of the MBB despite not coming from consulting and not networking.

That said everyone massively overhired so it's going to be a lot tougher than this past year.

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