Corp Dev Manager Market Comp

What is current rate on corp dev managers, assuming HCOL (SF/NY/BOS)? 

Let's assume this is 4 yoe + current associate level corp dev work 

My guess would be something like: ~$150k base + 20% bonus + equity (although I don't count this that much tbh) 

What are others seeing in the market right now? I have a recruiter call tomorrow, so I can ask for his pov on market currently 


Yeah, the 10% hasn't been fully verified as I've yet to be paid out any bonus given my short tenure. That said, it was the verbal expectation set by the hiring manager. He said could be more or less, but best to expect ~10%. No other compensation other than your typical benefits.

That said, we're on the less acquisitive side (we still evaluate a lot of opps) and WLB is great (last two month average 30-40 hours).


Seems broadly reasonable for all-in comp but ultimately depends on the exact responsibilities

4YOE coming out of banking/PE would command more

4YOE in something else likely less

We pay associates around that much and they have 1-3 YOE in banking mostly. I expect them to have great technical skills and work product starting out, and my role is to manage that and teach them how to think more holistically about projections and the deal and messaging around that, and get them running small parts of it.

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You typically wont see equity until the Director level.

Comp is also all over the place. Here are my data points:

2020 - HCOL - MF PortCo - Manager $140k + 25% no equity

2022 - MCOL - LMM PortCo - Manager $110k + 50% based on EBITDA goal. (Regretting taking this one, expecting total bonus to be like $20k this year)

Recently started putting out some feelers:

2023 - Remote - Public Healthcare - Manager - up to $200k base, still waiting on more info from recruiter

2023 - Midwest - LMM PortCo - Director/VP - $120-$140 + 50-60% + Equity 

Linkedin Postings - HCOL - Manager - $110-140k range typically, sometimes see $120k-$160k listed


Thanks - interesting data points, and sucks to hear about the EBITDA target related goal, but I am sure there will be bounce back soon 

For reference, I'm at PE Portco-HCOL as an Associate doing ~$135k TC + UARs 

Spoke to a recruiter on Friday who mentioned within high-growth industries (i.e., software) for PE portco's that Manager comp has bounced from 200 - 250 and Senior Manager comp is ~300 - 350. To be honest, I'll believe it when I see an offer like that because it sounds too high tbh. That said, I think I am going to start putting out feelers as well and trying to land in ~$200 cash comp range

That 2023-Midwest-LMM Portco - Director / VP comp is kinda brutal tbh. ~$200k cash does not cut it at that level IMO but I guess that's probably where the (1) Midwest and (2) LMM part tie in


Coming from MM PE it's frustrating that comp is that low and several roles I see it mixed it with FP&A.

Roles I've been approached/applied to:

Midwest - roll ups

Director - $130k base, no equity- wouldn't stretch to $175k

Director/VP - $130k base, unsure of equity, wouldn't stretch to $190k base as CFO was close to that

South: SVP & Fp&a 130-150k base unsure of bonus, sounds like profit share, pushing for higher

Remote: 70-150k base depending on experience, awaiting 1st round interview call.

Pittsburgh: VP: 130-150k base

  • everyone needs to push for higher comp ha
Mr 305

Feels a tad low but for roles past manager I'd really be looking at total comp.

For example, my base is in that range, but it's also less than half my total package. In my situation it's fine because I have relatively modest monthly expenses (single w/ relatively low housing/car costs), though for folks with families it may not be as attractive of a structure. To me it's a form of idiot insurance / forced savings in I don't have immediate access to buy random stuff.

I will say my message to recruiters has been I'm fine taking a possible slight haircut on total comp if there's a lot of cash/guaranteed bonus, though.


Would you consider HCOL/VHCOL areas? Not sure what level you are, but assuming associate/VP in PE making ~300-500k (complete guesses lol), what sort of paycut could you stomach for the corporate route and how do you assume the hours and wlb will be?


Most of the ranges in this thread mirror my experience as well. In my experience, the way to maximize comp for corp dev is to either work in tech or for a PE PortCo. The sad thing is that for most companies, corp dev is and will always be just a expense that is kept in line with strict salary bands (i.e., you might be a corp dev manager, but you will still be in the same salary band as an FP&A manager or tax manager). Tech companies seems to regularly post roles online, but I have never been interested because SF is not somewhere that I want to live. For PE corp dev roles, most of the typical PE recruiting firms also do PE PortCo recruiting (spend ten minutes search WSO, you'll find lists...Amity Search is one of the biggest for PortCo recruiting)- just sign up on their websites to be part of their email distributions.

That being said...don't mention your salary requirements. Also turn the tables and ask what the role is budgeted for. You may be surprised how much some roles are budgeted for.


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