Jul 16, 2023

Private Credit Database for Thesis?


Does anybody know of good databases for the Private Credit market?

I am a MSc Finance student hoping to write my thesis on a topic related to Private Credit and I'm struggling to find public data on the field, notably on GPs, LPs, returns, etc. A lot of the existing research uses survey data which is not the direction I'm aiming for. Preqin and the Private Debt Investor have databases which seem extensive but are very costly and my school doesn't have a subscription to either. I'm also interning at a PC fund so I can probably get access to more common databases than the ones listed above. Do Refinitiv or other sources have PC data? 

Thank you in advance! 


Look for publicly available information on BDCs. Any Credit related BDC, like BCRED should be able to provide you a wealth of information. Here is a link to get you started, but also look at SEC EDGAR. https://www.bcred.com/portfolio/


Bump - does anyone have a Preqin access for a short & easy data download? 


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