Apr 27, 2024

Commercial Banking Exit

Currently working as an analyst in commercial banking at a top 5 bank. Would like to hear some thoughts on exits into corporate banking/ lev fin/ dcm / private credit ? Is this lateral possible or would I need an MBA to land this role?
I’m working in a tier 1 city.


Based on the WSO threads, transitioning from commercial banking to roles in corporate banking, leveraged finance (lev fin), debt capital markets (DCM), or private credit is indeed feasible without necessarily pursuing an MBA. Here are some insights and steps you might consider:

  1. Leverage Your Current Experience: Your experience in commercial banking has likely equipped you with a solid foundation in credit analysis, risk management, and client relationships. These skills are highly transferable to the fields you're interested in.

  2. Networking: This is crucial. Connect with professionals already working in these areas. Utilize platforms like LinkedIn, and consider attending industry conferences or seminars. Networking can provide not only insights into these roles but also potential job leads.

  3. Skill Enhancement: Depending on the specific area you're targeting (e.g., DCM or lev fin), you might need to enhance certain skills, such as advanced financial modeling or understanding complex debt structures. Online courses or workshops can be beneficial.

  4. Internal Mobility: Explore opportunities within your current bank. Large banks often encourage internal transfers, and moving internally can sometimes be easier than switching to a new firm.

  5. Recruiters Specializing in Finance: Engaging with recruiters who specialize in the banking sector can provide access to opportunities that aren't publicly advertised and can advocate on your behalf.

  6. Certifications: While an MBA is valuable, other certifications like the CFA or specific finance certificates can also boost your credibility and showcase your commitment to the field.

  7. Understand Each Role: Make sure you understand what each role entails and how they differ from your current position. This will not only help during interviews but also ensure you are making a move that aligns with your career goals.

By strategically building on your existing skills and making the most of networking and educational opportunities, you can position yourself effectively for a transition into corporate banking, DCM, lev fin, or private credit without necessarily needing an MBA.

Sources: Why corporate banking instead of investment banking?, Checking in 6 years later [IB to MBB transition], Ask CompBanker, Q&A: 3rd Year Private Bank Analyst, Exit opps for corporate strategy

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RM - client point of contact, strengthens relationships with them, and presents term sheets (proposals) to prospects.
Analyst - almost purely credit reviews/underwriting.
These two usually comprise a team and handle different sides of loan book management and growth.

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Professional Growth Opportunities

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  • Moelis & Company 05 97.1%

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