F-Cat NFT game

Fairy Cat is an encrypted farming system game whose player base is growing rapidly. Players can upgrade cat pets through different adventures to get token rewards. There are five levels of cat pets. As the pet of the player, cats can be used to fight, upgrade and collect kittens to synthesize cat pets. Cats can also be traded at higher prices in the market.
The combination of NFT+GameFi, coupled with the framework of the game industry, has brought new changes to chain games. In a sense, GameFi allows players to achieve financial freedom in the game. The concept of GameFi is to bring financial attributes in the form of games, so that the game is not only a game, but also a part-time job, which greatly increases the playability.
In 2023, who will become the chain game product with millions of users? Fairy Cat is the most promising existence
Money-making strategy:
1. Buy elf cats to collect treasures for you, and sell treasures to get income. The amount of treasures that each elf cat can collect is different. You can use elves to upgrade your elf cats, or directly buy high-level elf cats to find treasures for you. You can have up to 10 cats.
In the game, the yellow diamonds you purchased have a 1:1 anchor relationship with USDT, and all the props in the game can be converted into yellow diamonds, and you can withdraw the yellow diamonds to your wallet at any time
2. You can also make money by synthesizing Fairy Cat LV1. The synthesis system may be a bit difficult for you to understand. You can simply understand that you have a 50% probability of winning 10 USDT through 5 USDT. For every 10% increase in probability, you need to increase 1U the cost of. If you're lucky, you can make money this way, which is more money than raising a cat to collect treasure, but it does take some risk.
3. If you have a lot of friends, if you want to get more benefits, invite your friends to join Fariry Cat . While they get benefits, the system will give you a corresponding commission. When your friend invites his friends to join Fairy Cat, you will also get a small commission while they earn money in the game. The more friends you invite, the higher your commission will be.

For example, if you invite A, B, and C to play Fairy Cat, when they gain income in the game, the system will reward you with a commission of A, B, and C's respective income in the game * 3%.
Then, if A invites D, E, and F to play Fairy Cat, when they gain income in the game, the system will additionally reward you with a commission of D, E, and F's income in the game * 2%.
It’s not over yet, if D invites G, H, and I to play Fairy Cat, when they earn income in the game, the system will reward you with an additional commission of G, H, and I’s income in the game * 1%.
If G invites J, K, and L to play Fairy Cat, when they earn money in the game, the system will no longer include commission in the extra rewards.
game props:
The game provides a wealth of props, and different props have different functions. Some of these props can be sold, some can only be used by oneself, some can be collected through elf cats, and some can only be obtained through activities. 


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