What is Lympo (LYM) and how does it work?

Lympo is a blockchain company that is pioneering a new approach to handling user-generated health and wellness data. Its mission is to build a worldwide ecosystem that empowers users by allowing and encouraging the free and open exchange of user-generated sports, health, and wellness data. Additionally, the company already has Android and iOS apps that can be used to earn LYM by performing challenging tasks.

What is Lympo (LYM) and how does it work?
Lympo is a health and fitness data platform built on the Ethereum blockchain that aspires to make the world a healthier place by allowing individuals and businesses to exchange data fairly and squarely using the Lympo token (LYM).

Lympo's ultimate goal is to create a marketplace where captured data can be used effectively and all ecosystem players are treated equally. Consider Airbnb or Uber for connecting people with sports and health experts.

The Lympo ecosystem was created with the following goals in mind:

Owners of data. Individuals that generate data for health purposes by using mHealth devices and apps.
Gyms, trainers, insurers, physicians, and sports inventory producers are just some of the entities that can use data to improve their present equipment, exercises, routines, plans, and overall health.

Proxies for data and companies that process data. Third-party companies will be able to create data-driven healthcare solutions using the Lympo API.

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