Advance Degree or No Advance Degree in Biotech ER

Alright guys I want brutally honest advice here.

I currently work in Biotech ER and have been in this role for 6 months. Prior to that I had finished 2 years of medical school and then jumped ship to finance. I went to the University of Alabama (super non target) and went to an average medical school (still tough to get into 5% acceptance rate).

I have the optionality to go and finish my degree no questions asked. I will NOT practice medicine regardless of finishing the degree.

If I want to make a career in finance whether it be becoming a SS biotech analyst or joining a HF, do I go back and get the degree just to have MD behind my name?

Please brutally honest advice only.

Yes you should finish your degree. The marginal cost of an additional two years is absolutely worth the benefit associated with having the MD behind your name. It should be simple enough for you to get a SS ER job when your finished and It will make it easier from you to transition to buy-side (if that’s what you ultimately want).

Well damn… okay I will likely return.

Time to break my parents heart again in two years.

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