Help reading in between lines (or accepting ghosting)

Hi all,

Last year I started the recruitment process for the equity research team of a large investment bank in NY. The role was industry specific and I come from the industry with CorpDev, Corp Strategy experience and some of those 3 letter acronyms that seem relevant (and a boat load of industry knowledge). Things go well, I pass a 5 phone interviews, they bring me to the HQ in NY for another three in person interviews and after a couple of weeks they call me back for a stock pitch. At the end of it, the two guys physically there (head of ww research and another white hair big fish type) and the the managing director on the phone seem very positive and tell me they were impressed and all that stuff. This happened around the first week of December.

Time goes by and I get a call first week of January from the head of ww research (same guy as in the stock pitch), which is the boss of the managing director that I would be working for, should they decide to hire me. This guy asks me if I am reading the news, i.e. if I am aware of Goldman (their competitor) sacking souls by the minute, and he tells me they would love to have me in the team and they would offer me the job right now but they are on a hiring freeze. The last sentence of the 20 min conversation is 'in two months we would probably be ready, but if in the meantime you're in Manhattan please let me know and we have a coffee'.

10 days ago I send an email to the guy telling him I am around (I've been overseas for a month) and asking to have that proposed coffee. I also include in the email a comment about a price realization of my stock pitch, with a screenshot from CNBC with the exact price (to the 1st decimal) I predicted in my model and some comments on why I believe the market was so quick in getting there and what to expect next. 

And here I am, 10 days later with an absolute silence as an answer. Should I accept this process has ended? Should I follow up one last time? (I can't find the reason though). Any opinions on what may have gone wrong?

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