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I just started in ER - Industrials at a BB in NYC (graduated last month). My firm has a policy in the handbook that we must stay in our roles for 12 months prior to lateraling but I'm sure we can make the jump early. I'm in my first month very fortunate to be here, but I would like deal-making experience. Who here has lateraled previously and give me some color as to how I can make the jump before summer (in time for the Analyst training).

Thanks for the advice, I am willing to jump ship if necessary.

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dickthesellsider, what's your opinion? Comment below:

My followers gave these advice a while back

Routes from ER to IB takeaway:

-          Internal transfer for same sector is easiest:

o   Highlight your industry expertise

o   Have a solid story on "Why IB" and know the deals within the sector very well

o   Know the company management team (probably more feasible for more ER Senior Associates or VP)

o   Ask your Analyst or Director of Research ("DoR") if they are not assholes.

o   Firms rather keep you. Some firms encourage internal mobility.

o   network

-          Mindset:

o   Be prepared for a much more intense environment

o   I advise against such move, so do some others who contributed

o   Someone made the move successfully and came back to ER two weeks later.

superanalyst, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Thanks for the advice!

How long should I wait prior to making the jump if I'm new here?

My goal has been the deal-making space for a while, but I took ER due to the tough recruiting cycle.

Would attempting to jump in April (after 4 months instead of 12 months) work out?

badtradeseveryday, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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