Aiming for HFs, I'd like to get your take on my strategy.

I'm studying Finance at a semi-target in Canada. I'm a freshman and I literally spent my last months researching PE, IB, and the HF world. I have no idea how many posts I have read, but I read a lot, like lot lot. There was always something about public markets that made me attracted to them, even when I was in high school I was pitching stocks for fun and I was even talking about it with my parents, lol. And sometimes I even analyze earnings reports in my dreams, I'm kind of obsessed with it. I breathe public markets. I know this may sound strange to some people and I may sound like hardo but I'm just trying to point out how much I love public markets. 

Here in Canada, our hedge fund world is very small and compensation is not good like the US. There are some good seats but the competition is up to the sky so breaking with a degree from a semi-target school is probably going to be very hard(almost impossible, but there is one Canadian dude here who broke into commodity trading with a degree from a non-target, but I'm aiming for public markets). Some people have done it but the numbers are against me, and I don't like that. I'd like to manipulate the system to make the numbers more favorable.

I stalked dozens of profiles in LinkedIn, and have found out that most of the traders and investment analysts in Canadian hedge funds(American ones as well) have either STEM degrees or Finance degrees or both from a target school. Since I'm studying finance transferring to a target is going to be pretty hard because there are not so many seats available. So I have decided to change my degree to Statistics(there are more available seats) at the end of this year, keep my GPA as high as possible and transfer to a target school in my third year. And after achieving this I have 3 things on my mind. (And ofc making internships in summer too, I'll probably make an internship this summer at a transportation company as a financial analyst, better than nothing eh? lol)

1) My main goal is to start my fund, I know I'm gonna get mocked for saying this because raising capital is very hard and the cost of starting up a hedge fund is huge but I'm gonna try anyway. I do know some rich people and who knows maybe they'll fund my fund.(Raising 20m would be sweet)
2) Try to aim for nice Canadian hedge fund seats, even though compensation is lower compared to the mighty American funds, I'm pretty sure there are some nice seats out there.
3) Go to the States(if I feel like staying in Canada won't be what I want) for a master's degree in Financial Engineering. Carnegie Mellon and Columbia have some nice programs.

Maybe you're asking why I haven't mentioned which kind of fund I want to work in, well that's a very good question. I like doing fundamental research but I also like trading and doing quantitative research sounds fun to me. I'd like to do both if possible but still haven't decided yet.

What I wrote may sound like a fairytale to some people, but I know what I want and in my mind, I kind of figured out what I should do to get what I want and I wanted to hear your thoughts on this since you guys are the professionals.

Why are you so fixated on staying in Canada. If you want to rig the systems in your favour start cold emailing and attach your stock pitch. If you're as obsessed with public markets as you say you are, you should get responses. 

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