Are chads allowed in the HF industry?

Been listening to some podcasts, as suggested by the fine gentlemen of WSO, and it recently dawned on me that the HF industry, especially at the upper echelons, appears to be a strictly nerds only club - at first glance I believe it is across all asset class, but let's stick to L/S LO Macro here. I was wondering what the fine folk here have to saw on this very topic. 

To add some personal color: I believe I am a chad-nerd hybrid; I am the rare selection who is able to nimbly navigate across both worlds.

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My outsider perspective is it mostly both. Industry is mostly chads who think they are nerds or nerds who think they are chads. But everyone is slightly nerdy and chady at the same time. Impossible to avoid. You can't not be nerdy, an account of all the analysis ya know, and you can't not be chady either, on account of the "prestige" focus and money worshipping. Everyone ends up in the same places, maybe to varying degrees though 


Simply put, this is an extremely unstable, high risk-reward profession. The minute the fund starts performing badly, the chances juniors are gone increases exponentially. You will know when you’re like a dead man walking. The problem is that, if all funds are performing badly, then you can’t even relocate in time so you just accept your fate and tap your rainy day fund. So like others have said, if you think about Chad as in being arrogant, you will be out of the business really quick because arrogance is a luxury one cannot afford. Now, if you ask me, are these guys Chads? Yes, 100%. They are as ultra competitive, ultra determined, and ultra ruthless, as they are smart and efficient. Old, top HF front office personnel are almost like old drug kingpins: be wary of an old person in a profession where people usually die young.

EDIT: changed “weary” to “wary” cause I spelled it wrong lol, my dream of becoming an english teacher is over


Why can’t people in this industry distinguish between ‘wary’ and ‘weary’?!?!! Pisses me off. They aren’t even pronounced the same!


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