Planning around HF 13-F Filings

I’ve personally taken to looking at some hedge funds that have had recent and past success to find new stock ideas that have already been vetted by teams of professionals (especially the focused SMs).

Wondering if any of you at major HFs plan to make moves right after the end of the quarter as opposed to slightly before so competitors can’t see your new positions ?


Based on the most helpful WSO content, it's common for hedge fund professionals to closely monitor 13-F filings to glean insights into the investment strategies of successful funds. These filings, which are required quarterly by the SEC for managers controlling over $100 million in assets, can indeed provide valuable information about new positions that have been taken by leading funds.

Regarding the timing of making moves in relation to these filings, there are a couple of strategic approaches:

  1. Post-Filing Adjustments: Some funds might wait until after their filings are public to make significant moves. This strategy can help in masking their immediate intentions and prevent other market participants from front-running or mimicking their strategies too closely.

  2. Pre-Filing Moves: Conversely, other funds might choose to establish or adjust positions just before the filing deadline. This approach can capitalize on the current market conditions without immediately revealing their strategy to competitors.

Each approach has its own set of advantages and risks, and the choice often depends on the specific strategy and goals of the hedge fund. Additionally, the competitive nature of hedge funds means that many are continually adapting their tactics to maintain an edge in the market.

Sources: PE to HF Transition,, Why don’t hedge funds liquidate their positions in a recession?, Officially Out of the HF Business, What sector is easiest/best to cover under a market neutral frame work?

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Not quite. Think about it like this—before we take on a position, it’s important to keep our ideas secret so other funds don’t beat us to the opportunity. In the research phase or even after we’ve made a decision and are in the process of accumulating a position, it’s very hush hush. But once we have the position, there’s nothing wrong with other people knowing about it. In fact, it might benefit us because if people try to “copy” our book, it just adds buying pressure to our names and that’s how we realize our returns!


There's really only a small handful of funds that are going to move markets w/ their trades (mostly the big activists). Not uncommon for them to hold the name on swap if they are still building the position / talking with the company in the background. It's a 45-day lag befor you have to file, so i'd be surprised if there's a ton of strategy around waiting til after quarter end going on. I'll typically take a look at some of the 13F's of funds who run a similar strategy to us and on names in the book, but tbh that's prob more out of curiousity vs actual funnel for new ideas. 

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