Are you guys afraid of being replaced by a robot?

Legitimate question. I work at an automation firm, and most of the big banks are our clients. Are you guys afraid of getting replaced?

On the flip side, if you are an MD or some other high up person, have you starting implementing automation in the firm?

The only job function that can almost certainly not be automated is knowing how to generate revenue, or client facing/deal flow/sales type activities.

Here's a quick video if you don't know much about what your bank is probably expanding right now:



But they will get a lot of satisfaction out of firing droves of analysts 

Especially when they see the savings

Analyst salaries are the cheapest expense for the bank. If anyone should be worried, it’s the useless as fuck mid levels.

It’s important for employee pipeline to have a stream of new hires coming in, I really doubt automation will drastically change analyst class sizes at most banks. The caveat could be if they’re trying to automate the enter section of the bank (DCM looking at you), then they may have reduced class sizes.


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