Does needing work authorization increase the chance of not returning FT or getting laid off as a first yr

As the title suggests, if you are an incoming intern or FT An on a student visa, are you more likely not getting the return offer or being let go a few months in if your firm has layoffs, all else being equal

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not officially but whether conscious or not, I unfortunately can't see it NOT being a factor if their hand was forced.  keep in mind that immigration law in the US essentially states that the equivalent US worker should get priority over a foreigner who is applying for the same position on visa.  Easier said than done, but you should try to ensure you are in that top bucket or close.  i'm also here on a visa btw

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Op here. Obviously we are both anon and can't pm you but would love to connect and learn from your experience nvtheless as you were in my shoes before. I put a throwaway email here if you are interested

[email protected]

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mech60, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Hiring a professional is an investment, not only in the candidate, but also for the firm.
A professional on F1 is always a visa risk for this investment, despite all best efforts from all sides.
Even though the company have good immigration attorneys, excellent processes for hiring people and the honest intent in hiring the best candidates; there will always be the risk of not obtaining the H1b.
Even if they go straight for green card sponsorship (unlikely), there are adjudication/wait times for this.

Also, a job in a financial institution is not an area which can not be filled with US American workers, there are plenty around. It is just easier/cheaper to hire a USC.

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This is the harsh truth I need. Ppl are not born equal, pun intended, and I don't expect it getting better. and the only I can do is putting the best efforts to stand out amongst my peers. I guess with that chip on my shoulder, ppl should give me a break for being a hardo lmao. Also, I am already hired. So, my question was more about what it takes to stay

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mech60, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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