Is IB the tried and tested path to getting a hot wife?

The new TikTok trend of showing off hot moms has given me much to reflect on. Recently, I attended my bank's holiday party and quickly noticed something very strange: all the plus ones were insanely hot. No matter the race, religion, height, width, etc. of my senior bankers, they all had one thing in common–an extremely hot wife. I'm talking baddies, smokes, dimes, MILFs galore. Almost brought a tear to my eye. It was like I was a kid in a candy shop, except I left my allowance at home and instead had to watch everyone else flaunt their big, fancy chocolate bars.

My point is, it can't be a coincidence that all these senior bankers have extremely hot wives right? I mean the delta between the men and women averaged around a +6/10 on the hotness scale. I look at my current Hinge matches and feel like I have to be missing something. Do you unlock some sort of DLC once you become VP, and does that alone make investment banking a worthy career?

Ever since I was a young lad, I've dreamed of bagging a MILF but unfortunately, it appears that I still do not have enough XP for the quest. If becoming a career banker truly is the best chance of achieving such a goal, I think it could be a game changer for a lot of us fledging analysts. 

Anyway, Happy Early New Year's, and I hope your resolutions going into 2023 are as noble as mine.

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I don't know if this is a troll but i'll answer sincerely mainly due to the fact that this thinking will make you a very angry bitter person if you realize the truth too late and I know some high earning angry involuntary celibates who's money only makes their bewilderment more intense when it sets in 

IB was a good path to bagging a hot girl from the 80s down till about 2015ish. Being a banker or doctor or pilot alone was good enough to get the 'average guy' a girl on the same level as Lori Harvey, Madison Beer, Madelyn Cline etc.

Those are "hot girls" by todays standards right? Before you think of bringing up their fame as a gotcha, I happen to know a lot of girls that look like that and aren't famous but their experiences are the same.

Things have changed now and 99.99% of girls that hot or even moderately good looking are on the internet with rich, young, yes young, handsome and even famous men constantly simping for their attention.

You might think you're rich but I have to quote Gordon Gekko to let you know what kinds of rich young men I'm talking about "I'm not talking a $400,000 a year working Wall Street stiff flying first class and being comfortable, I'm talking about liquid. Rich enough to have your own jet. Rich enough not to waste time. Fifty, a hundred million dollars buddy. A player, or nothing." 

I was surprised when a couple female friends I had showed me their Instagram DM's and it was full of blue ticks offering them all sorts of things from clothes to trips to Dubai on a dime. If you have a lot of fairly attractive girls who are your close friends, ask them to show you if you don't believe me.

Its no longer like when your MDs were young and they were competing only with men in the immediate vicinity of hot women and there was a thin line between the ultra upper echelon world and the regular world, today that line is blurred and any actual good looking woman has easy access to ultra upper echelon, back in the day a woman would laugh at the impossibility of being taken out on a date by Michael Jackson or Prince because it was practically impossible, today they have formula 1 drivers, actors, royalty and musicians at their door asking them out. 

I say all this because you sound so many friends of mine who literally thought hot chicks would fall over for them when we finished school, one guy in particular I can talk about made me go to Tao and 1oak every weekend when he first started his job and would walk up to beautiful women with smugly telling them he is banker only for them to accept his drink and give basic dull replies to him hitting on them before disappearing. He would say the VPs and MDs at his bank (before he exited) told him women loved bankers and that was how they would get women to be impressed so he would constantly try and get rejected.

Today he is at a well paying Credit Fund and constantly asks me to introduce him to hot girls because all the hot girls he knows are "sluts", by that he means escorts, the only hot women in his life are escorts and he doesn't want to settle for the average girl, he cannot understand why these 7s, 8s, 9s and 10s don't want a young banker and he thinks its because they just need to hear him out or he needs friends to show him where ones that do want that are. 

Unless you have been dating them since high school or college or an X factor like jaw dropping handsome, taller than 6'2 or have a body thats looks like it was sculpted by Michelangelo, you really need to lower your expectations before its too late. That guy I told you about a significant amount of my male friends now hate women and it is a miserable life to lead. 

I don't have that problem because I am kinda popular on instagram (which i have spoken about on WSO before) and know a lot of fairly famous people so at least i get a shot at these girls but when i do i don't lead with my finance job. 

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