Is my profile enough for elite IB jobs?

Hey guys, I'm a freshman at NYU Stern looking to get some advice for sophomore and junior summer IB (and potentially buyside) recruiting. Asian male (no diversity) for sophomore summer recruiting by the way. 

Here's what I've done / have lined up so far:

  • Research role at small hedge fund the summer before college (June '23 - August '23)

  • Now interning at another small hedge fund as a fall analyst (August '23 - November '23)

  • Have a spring M&A advisory role at a boutique lined up (Jan '24 - March '24)

  • Have freshman summer IB analyst role at boutique (May '24 - July '24)

I understand that this post may make me seem like a tryhard, but I'm just trying to position myself for a good IB job after college.

  • With that being said, is my profile strong enough for sophomore summer IB recruiting at BBs (or sophomore MBB & Buyside recruiting), and if so, what banks or other firms should I apply to?

  • Also, what should I do during my sophomore year to best position myself for a top BB or buyside internship for my junior summer?

All help is appreciated, thanks!


Touch grass. Don’t make a stupid post like this again.


People always reply “touch grass” to these types of posts but I genuinely want to get a really good job out of college and am trying to position myself in the best way for it.

There’s no reason to hate on someone seeking advice, especially when I know nobody in the industry and am trying to learn everything I can to set up a good future for myself.


People reply touch grass to these posts because they are stupid. You are literally a freshman at a target school with 4 internships already. Chill out you’re literally ahead of 99% of people.


Facts. Ignore all the tools shitting on you.

Yes, you will be fine, but yes you also need to chill a bit. You will wash out within two years if you bring this intensity — because senior bankers won’t want to hang out with you, so they won’t trust you.

Much more important: have all of your technicals memorized in your sleep. All of them. Other than that, just be a chill, normal dude that people actually want to hang out with. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go get blacked every weekend until you figure it out.

You will be fine. Don’t overthink it


I think this will get you a green light from a resume perspective. Really will also depend on your GPA, do your best to keep that over a 3.8 or so. Join all the correct clubs that way when you start networking there’s something to talk about.

I think most of the next part will be about networking with people and finding the people that like you / you mesh well with. With this resume, and hopefully GPA, you can get your foot in the door for sure.

p.s. ignore anyone that says “touch grass” or “you’re ahead of 99% of people” etc. They don’t get that you have to be much better than the 1% to get a job at one of these shops lol.

I think you’re doing the right thing, feel free to dm me if you want guidance/help.

Most Helpful

I'll speak for other people in this situation who are being snippy about posts like this. Posts like this annoy the shit out of me, too. If you're this far deep in your Freshman year at a T2 Target like Stern you almost certainly know what you're doing and what track you're headed towards. Even knowing to post on this website indicated you have an idea as to what to look for when discussing competitive finance and recruiting. 

I'm sure you're proud of yourself for having accomplished a lot at this point. There is no one you necessarily want to brag to because being a modest person, it feels awkward. The cover instead is "asking" if you're on the right track. You should know exactly where you stand when you're interning at a hedge fund before you even start college.

These posts are so exhausting. It's a little sad when people want to pick up an accolade or two with thinly veiled humblebrag posts like these. 

Keep your head down and try your best and you'll get something good. 

Also, you never actually asked for any sort of tangible advice. You just asked if you could get an elite IB job with this resume. You seem smart, so if you were realistically seeking advice you would have come up with better question(s) that would actually be helpful, not some ridiculous yes or no answer.


Post was deleted before i got a chance to see but to answer your question, yes your profile is enough, you're sternkid1 and not sternkid2 for a reason 


Post was deleted before I could read, but I can probably guess given some of the comments about race. I bet your ass was at the SocGen info session today with a notepad and pen as well. Mediocre asian kids without any social awareness, who make finance their personality. 

This is why everyone hates your school, and you don't get buy-side representation.  


i bet this kid is not even from stern. more like a stern wannabe


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