Landing an IB job without an internship?

Hello everyone, I am a MBA student from a smaller school, I recently graduated with my BS in Finance, and I am now working on my MBA with a concentration in Finance. I have been working full time 60+ hours a week in a non-finance management position since I started my undergraduate. This has caused me to be unable to perform an internship into a local IB here in Houston, Tx. Because of this, I feel the likelihood of landing an analyst position is quite improbable. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions as to how I should navigate these circumstances? I feel I have a strong work ethic given I have worked 60+ hours a week and still gone to school full time and earned a good GPA, but I'm worried the lack of a internship or relevant work experience in the financial sector will prove it impossible to overcome. I am certain the company I work for would give glowing reviews my skill as a manager/ work ethic. Any suggestions on networking, or finding a mentor?

I would also like to add that I am very passionate about IB and dreamed at the opportunity, as it was a driving factor in my decision to attend college and now for my MBA

Thank you for your time and thoughts

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You're doing this entirely wrong. You missed your shot in undergrad. Understandable, but you're not applying any lessons learned from that failed result. Especially if you say that IB was your dream since undergrad. 

You're going to have to network like crazy, and you're probably not going to find any ins at the major firms. You might be able to find a spot at a smaller broker-dealer or wealth management shop to at least get your foot in the door, but that's a miserable experience still. 

My advice, quite your no-name MBA and go enlist in the military for 4 years. Do your time, then get out and get an MBA at a T20 school. The GI Bill will cover tuition and housing, which will allow you to intern in the summer and banks love vets.   

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