M&A picking up?

Seems like M&A has been picking up pretty considerably over the last month or so at my bank. Curious to hear if others are seeing the same and maybe deal activity is starting to normalize? Hoping that puts some optimism into consideration for year end bonuses.


In a strong tech group, we got a few good deals that we're closing right now but the market for new deals is dry. I sit in on some calls with sponsors and they are all bearish. Tech is not it right now friend.


Some additional info on location / sector / BB vs EB would be useful


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From the buy-side, yes, we have put 4 deals under LOI in the last 3 weeks and looking to close a total of 7 deals the remainder of this year. M&A is picking up in our sector but not every sector and not all companies are players right now. Depending on how people capitalize their deals and the multiples that they are entering at, they still might be sidelined for another 6 months to a year until the debt markets are under control and offering more favorable terms. 

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it never fails to happen; banks are horrendous at workforce planning.  When the economy is in the doldrums and job cuts are first raised, it takes several months to make it's way up the various chains to be signed off on.  By the time the cuts are implemented, markets are at their bottom.  Thereafter a recovery starts and within a year, banks are woefully understaffed.  Then by the time they get around to hiring new people, we're near the top.....and you get the picture.  Rinse and repeat.  You can tell we're at top of market through over-hiring (and stock buybacks) and at bottom of market through deep layoffs - no crystal ball needed.


Made a previous comment on this from the European side but original post was deleted:

markets are picking up considerably compared to before. PE firms are looking to catch up on the 12-15 month lack of activity and the resilience of retail markets has still put some possible deals on the table. 

The only thing that investors were waiting on was a stabilisation of interest rates but given that it's now become more stable than before, due-diligences and ELs have been increasing rather steadily.

Source: friends in PE (AN1) and IB (AN2). 

Just to add, this is sector-specific e.g. tech isn't recovering as much as e.g. consumer retail. 


Europe remains pretty uncertain. There are big deals there and then - in particular industrials, telco and chemicals are good. Tech is good on the small / mid cap but any larger deals are on hold

IPO pipeline is getting there but all depends after all on the US


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